Wanna Spice Up Your Sexlife? Maca, Maca, Maca!

Maca was the elixir of the Incan warriors. Men would consume maca root before combat. That would make them strong and improve their resistance!

Maca is a root that grows higher than anything else. High up in the Andean highlands, where nothing else grows. Surviving strong winds with low oxygen content, extreme cold nights and very hot days.

Today´s farmers might have forgotten that Incan warriors consumed maca, but they know that livestock grown together with maca are stronger, healthier and more fertile.

People look for maca for its sexual properties. It´s nature´s Viagra! Problems getting it up? Problems getting your girl pregnant? Problems performing properly? Eat maca = no problems!

You know ginseng? Here, its Peruvian cousin!

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But it´s not just for men, it benefits the beautiful part of our specie: women. Great for menstrual cramps, PMS, fertility and menopause. And for sex drive, hmmm!

Also great for libido and as an aphrodisiac!

But the list doesn´t end in your bed! Maca isn´t just good for improving your strength, resistance, energy and endurance. Maca is great for many other things: fighting stress and diseases, improving your immune system and helping you gain or lose weight!

Maca is a rich source of minerals, vitamins and even protein! And it´s even a good source for the hard-to-find B12!

You are sick of drinking coffee everyday ´cause you know it´s not good for you? Replace with maca! You wanna detox? Clean up your system with some organic raw maca powder!

But don´t get over exited! Be moderate, exceeding anything, including maca, doesn´t mean you will become a pornstar over night! Handle with care: start slowly and increase your dose depending on how you feel!

2 Responses to Wanna Spice Up Your Sexlife? Maca, Maca, Maca!

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  2. Ken says:

    What are side effects…jittery ? Etc. What about high blood pressure ,does it interfere with Rx drugs ? Thank you

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