7 And A Half Benefits Of Coconuts!

Coconuts are natural superfoods with incredible properties. If you could, you should replace water with coconut water every time you prepare a smoothie. Coconuts are so healthy that this post would be many pages long if I would decide just to write about its benefits.

In ancient India, they would refer to coconuts as the fruit that supplies everything need to live. If that was so, you could live just eating coconuts all your life! I´m not sure I could live eating only coconuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner, day in and day out, but I´m sure eating coconuts regularly improves my health in many ways.

The coconut tree is actually a grass, a very tall grass indeed. It sucks water from the soil and filters it before storing it inside its seeds, the coconuts. This coconut water is so powerful that it´s almost identical to human blood plasma. That means that when we drink it, we get an almost instantaneous blood transfusion. Our blood gets renewed, so our heart works better, our cardiovascular system flows easier and everything else in our body (blood just impregnates all our systems and organs!).

The coconut flesh is also very powerful and full with health benefits. Antibacterial, antibiotic, antioxidant, antifungal, antimanythings, but specially, antiviral. Most virus can´t stand against the coconut´s powers. Coconut´s saturated fats and fatty acids make it impossible for viruses to attach to anything in your body. The virus just slips and gets confused trying to escape from the powerful coconut.
But you´ve read right, most virus, not all. Herpes type virus actually likes to feed on coconuts, so if herpes is your problem, better avoid coconuts.

Coconut is also great for your skin as you probably already know. And for your teeth and gum (antibacterial). Scrub some coconut oil to clean up your mouth instead of using toxic toothpaste…

This coconut post is very informative, kind of like a wikipedia text I´m thinking now. But that´s kind of how my superfoods posts are… But I don´t want to bore you with too many paragraphs!

So just a couple of more details: coconut is much better for cooking than other oils because it can stand very high temperatures Click To Tweet, coconut is great for lowering bad cholesterol, for losing weight and gaining lean muscle, for regulating thyroid problems and as an aphrodisiac.

I prefer to use pure raw coconut instead of soap, body lotions, refined juices, toothpaste, sex lubricant, antibiotics, etc. But I´m not a doctor, so just do what you think is best for you!

3 Responses to 7 And A Half Benefits Of Coconuts!

  1. Alejandra says:

    Hola! Me gusta tu blog y este articulo me pareció muy interesante. La verdad no sabía que el coco es tan bueno y que puede usarse para tantas cosas. Me puedes contar como puedo usar el aceite de coco como reemplazo de pasta de dientes? Tambien aprovecho para preguntarte si el aceite de coco lo puedo usar para saltear vegetales.

    • admin says:

      Hola Alejandra, que gusto que te guste mi blog. Si revisas los últimos posts, tengo un par de artículos sobre salud dental, pero básicamente, ya que el aceite de coco tiene grandes propiedades antivirales y antibacteriales, puedes frotártelo en las encías para mantener tu boca libre de colonizaciones de bacterias.

      Y sí, es excelente para saltear vegetales. En realidad es el mejor aceite que puedes usar para calentar o incluso freír, ya que es una grasa saturada, y por lo tanto más estable que otras grasas insaturadas vegetales, por lo que aguanta temperaturas mucho más elevadas sin oxidarse (ranciarse).

      Sólo para aclarar el tema de la oxidación, todos los aceites y grasas se oxidan, en menor o mayor grado, cuando entran en contacto con luz, calor, aire e incluso agua. Al oxidarse desarrollan miles (o hasta millones) de radicales libres y al consumirlos, tú necesitas utilizar las mismas cantidades de antioxidantes para contrarestarlos y eso no siempre está disponible en tu sistema, al menos que consumas muchos alimentos con antioxidantes naturales… Tengo algunos artículos sobre esto también…

      Saludos, espero esto solucioné tus dudas!

  2. Joe Underwood says:

    I always use coconut oil after I brush, but your idea to brush with it makes sense! Enjoy your videos and research…

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