Disclaimer: Everything presented in this blog might be wrong. I don´t have an MD after my name, so take my advise at your own risk! I´m not a health professional, if you are sick, talk with a real health professional.

Pedro is one of The Health Gladiators, but you could become one too! I´m Peruvian and live in Peru but I have travelled lots. I have many interests and love learning new things that I´d like to share with you.

I have always liked questioning things, being sarcastic and finding opposite points of view.

For many years, I´ve been trying to understand nature, understand my body and my mind and understand life.
I still haven´t gotten there yet, but I´m walking step by step. And the way I walk is always questioning the established. So most of the time, I try to find controversial information about what most people think is normal.

I´m not a health professional (I have a PT certification, a Yoga Alliance registration, a Rawfood, a Shiatsu and a Thai Massage certification and a Reiki initiation), but I´m not a doctor, a nutritionist nor a licensed dietist (read disclaimer!). I have actually a business and Finances degree… But I prefer working with other things…

I also love spending time in nature, but I´m not the typical hiking and camping in the National Park guy. I love extreme, close to death, hardcore, get lost in the bush for a few days without food or equipment… Those experiences are the ones I most learn from, the moments I feel closest to what people call God (I´m not religious by the way).

I also have a great interest for spiritual experiences. I do like practicing postural Yoga, Vipassana meditation and experiencing with psychotropical plants like Ayahuasca or Sanpedro. But I do question the whole modern Yoga franchise spiritual scam and the touristic chamanic ego trip.

This blog is for you if you want high quality information, with a scientific approach and a no-nonsense natural and holistic approach that challenges the mainstream thoughts about health.

If you want to get in touch, comment my posts, send me an email or call me. Hope you enjoy!

carrillopedro@hotmail.com +51994303415


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  1. Armida Gutiérrez Rodríguez says:

    Hola , tienes alguna página o textos de lo que tu escribes en el idioma español. Me interesa sobre todo lo relacionado con Orinoterapia. To vivo en México y vi. Uno de tus vídeos y me gustaría profundizar más en éste tema.a
    Espero tu respuesta
    Muchas gracias

  2. Johannes says:

    Hello Pedro!
    I am looking for the best quality chlorella. What is your advice?
    Kind regards,
    Johannes, Sweden

  3. Kristie says:

    Excellent article on chlorella. Which brand did you end up buying (chlorella pyrenoidosa)? And are you happy with the product? Thanks,

  4. Rosie Boyle says:

    HI PEDRO i absoultely love your blog i found u on youtube as i was looking about about chlorella you are me in a male :) we are so alike keep up the great work xxx

  5. Eva says:

    Hi Pedro .Very good information I really like it.

  6. Hi Pedro,

    Bumped into your blog and website and it was nice to see a fellow health coach AND who is Peruvian as well. I reside in San Francisco, California, but I was born and raised in Lima. I go back home regularly and in my last trip early this year I was amazed at all the changes and healthier options in foods. For a moment, I thought about what it’d be like if come back to Lima and try my health coaching business there? It sounds nice, promising, but I have yet to do more things here. I wanted to ask you, how do you see health coaching in Peru? It is a very new concept and could be very well accepted but to those who want to make a change. One thing I noticed and is part of the culture, is that people are very proud and love their food and there is little room to negotiate in their eating habits. Anyway, I wanted to connect with you and hear your experience so far. Maybe we could meet up at some point when I visit Lima again, or if you come out to California. Best wishes!!!

    you can check me out here http://www.wellnesswithwendy.wix.com/wendy


    • admin says:

      Hi Wendy,

      I just sent you a message to your facebook.com/wendy4wellness . Peru is changing and even if most people wont give up on pork and chicken, the health movement is growing every day. Let me know when you plan on visiting!

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