Benefits of Hot Thermal Springs

Time off at Colca's hot Springs! Hot springs are one of my favorite things. They are very relaxing and soothing, but they also have many important health benefits. To our skin, nervous system, circulatory system and even immune system.   Mineral hot springs or thermal baths, besides being naturally warm, carry a wide range of different minerals, like sulfur, sodium, lithium, potassium, etc. This is because their water comes from rain water that filters down to 1000 meters beneath ground level, absorbing minerals from the rocks they dissolve on their way before resurfacing unpolluted from any contaminants.   Let´s talk about some of these minerals: Sulfur: it´s in every one of our cells and it gives us strong nails and hair and we use it to produce collagen, which makes our skin elastic, smooth and young looking. It also protects us from pollutants in the environment.

  • Silica: also important to our looks (nails, hair and skin), as well as for our mental health.
  • Magnesium: converts sugar into energy and keeps our skin healthy
  • Sodium: stimulates our lymphatic system and sooths arthritis pain
  • Potassium: important for the heart and blood pressure as well as to eliminate toxins.
  • Selenium: essential to cells metabolism. Brings biological balance and protects and preserves our cells with antioxidants

But natural mineral hot springs have many other minerals, trace minerals and properties that can be summon in the following:

  • Rejuvenates skin and is good for skin conditions like excessive dryness, eczema, psoriasis and even burns.
  • Alleviates arthritis, joint pain and muscle pains
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • It increases temperature of the body eliminating toxins and killing germs and viruses
  • It increases cell oxygenation
  • Improves nourishment of organs and metabolism because it increases the flow of oxygenated blood
  • It speeds up our metabolism, stimulating our liver and intestines
  • Great for our nervous system and immune system
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It improves sleep

 In general, they rejuvenate our body and mind. They make you feel happy and healthier   There´s just too many reasons why you should want to bath in thermal hot springs. But more than anything, it relaxes me so much that I just love soaking in hot springs. Watch this video for more and don´t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and like our Fan page!

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