Cacao´s Most Incredible Benefits

Cacao is so much like coca, the Andean bush that get´s refined into cocaine. They are even spelled similar.

Cacao is super healthy, just like the coca leafs, but when turned into chocolate, not just loses most its health benefits, but actually becomes very unhealthy.

We have all heard that eating chocolate is great for our mood, that it makes people happy. But its cacao that makes us happy, the feeling you get from eating chocolates is the unhealthy refined sugar rush ride. Chocolates are more sugar than cacao and sometimes, they don´t even have cacao, just artificial flavors.

People love sweets with refined sugar because they give an instant kick and are extremely addictive, just like a line of coke.
Cacao on the other side is a bitter seed from the jungle. Original from what we call Mexico today and probably also from most Central and South American jungles.

It was referred to as the food of the gods by the natives and later, when exported to Spain and Europe, it was only for royalty to enjoy.

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This says a lot about cacao. It´s such an important food that only the powerful wants to keep it in their power!

Cacao in its pure, raw form is full of benefits for your health. Like having huge amounts of antioxidants, great amounts of minerals like iron and magnesium (that by the way is what most diets lack), vitamins like vitamin C, fats, protein and a whole cocktail of healthy natural chemicals.

It´s rich in serotonin, the chemicals we release to be happy and unstressed.

It´s a source of phenyletylamine, the substance we segregate when we fall in love.

And it has anandamide, what we produce after pumping our body in extreme workouts. Ananda is by the way the vedic word for bliss…

These are just a handful of benefits, but it´s also good for general well being, for good sex performance, as an aphrodisiac ( you´ve seen the movie …….?), for stress defense, and the list goes on.
Too bad that when we heat cacao, it loses many properties ´cause it´s fatty acids get rancid. And most cacao we find has been toasted.

So the trick to get the most out of it is to get raw cacao seeds and soak them over night. Slightly ferment ´em and peel them with your nails in the morning. This is the best way to get cacao ready to eat and it´s not more energy demanding than roasting and peeling, I just don´t know why most people have lost this important ancient knowledge.

Don´t roast, soak!