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Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Most men want to be seen as strong and capable. We want to be respected by other men and want to be attractive to women (or men if that´s your sexual preference). Most of us want to be the alpha male and be seen as a macho who´s not scared of anything and who can

Naturally Healing Umbilical Hernia

My sister is in her 30’s and is probably carrying her less-than-one-year-old baby right now. My sis is short and her baby is a big Swedish boy, so it’s kind of hard for her. But what I’m concern about is her hernia. I recently found out she suffers from a big umbilical (abdominal) hernia. What

Tips So You Can Hang Out With Me Past Year 2111

Some people believe they´ll die young and some people think they will live to blow a hundred candles. From when I was a little kid, I have always “known” I will live until very old. But nobody really knows. I have always embraced death, and I have no fear of dying. But I don´t want

Want To Know How To Start Fasting?

We live in societies where the appearance seems to be more important than the essence. We need to look certain way when we apply for a job or when we try to attract someone from the opposite sex. We take showers and take care of our external appearance, and I´m not saying there´s anything wrong

Are Psychodelics A Spiritual Path?

Humans and animals have been altering their mental states from the beginning of times. It´s part of the evolution of species and it´s part of why humans have developed their minds into the confusing ones we have today. Most indigenous tribes and ancient civilizations have used psychedelic, hallucinogenic or entheogen, visionary or psychoactive plants, depending