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Marketing Infant Formulas

For millions of years, humans (and their ancestors) have been breastfeeding. Only a few generations ago, did we start feeding formulas, for convenience. The amount of advertising that tells people how good and indispensable formulas are has got deeply into people´s heads. It´s a massive lie.  We have to wake up and say NO to

How To Improve Male Fertility

I feel like a very lucky man because I have two beautiful kids and luckily they were an easy job for me. But I have friends that try to become fathers, but can´t. In my case, when I cum, very little semen comes out, but I guess I must have a very good sperm count

Natural Sources of Zinc

   Zinc is a vital mineral that we need for things as vital as having healthy senses of smell,  sight and taste. Life can get quiet challenging when we don´t see, hear or taste things  properly. But zinc is important for many other things too like having healthy skin and hair  (who doesn´t want to

Improve Your Circulation Naturally

  If your circulation isn´t circulating at a proper pace, you´ll be feeling tired and worn out. That´s because your cells won´t be getting all the oxygen they need and that could be the beginning of other health problems. Basically, circulation relates to how your blood is flowing inside your body. This is very important

Induced Nutritional Deficit

Legal drugs are used in most families. The whole family takes them: kids, teens, adults. Pills for headaches, digestion, colds, blood pressure. Anti-depresives, anti-inflamatories, anti-reflux, contraceptives, antibiotics, sleeping pills, pain killers, multivitamins… Certain people avoid taking antibiotics because they know they aren´t good for us. The main concerns is about probiotics and digestion. But the

Keep your Kidneys and Adrenals Healthy

The adrenal are small glands located above our kidneys. They produce over fifty different hormones that regulate our fluids and energy production. The kidneys receive, filter and balance your blood, uses up to 25% of the oxygen you breathe and convert vitamin D to its active form. Kidneys and adrenals work closely together and their

Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Most men want to be seen as strong and capable. We want to be respected by other men and want to be attractive to women (or men if that´s your sexual preference). Most of us want to be the alpha male and be seen as a macho who´s not scared of anything and who can

Vaccines Dangers

All vaccines carry two risks: that they don´t work or that they´ll harm you. Vaccines have actually not been full scientifically evaluated and the Vaccination industry has been misinforming and lying to us because they makes money out of selling people vaccines. It´s actually a billion dollar industry. There´s no scientific evidence that demonstrate vaccines

Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

  Gluten is a protein sticky like glue, and proteins are like a wall of building blocks that our enzymes “clean” in order to separate each block. Celiac can´t digest this protein, because they can´t break down the wall into individual bricks. This protein gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley, both refined and

Heavy Metal Intoxication

  When we think about heavy metal intoxication, we normally imagine chemtrails and pollution from mining activities. But, actually, heavy metals come into our bodies on a daily basis. We find them in the water we wash, brush and shower with, even in bottled water. In the air we breathe that carries heavy metals from

Vegan Vitamin D & Calcium

Our body is a complex machine that works mixing a huge number of nutrients and processes in a highly intelligent way. In order for our bodies to work in optimal ways, we need different nutrients in very specific amounts. We don´t want to have too little or too much of anything we consume. Not even