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Natural Sources of Zinc

   Zinc is a vital mineral that we need for things as vital as having healthy senses of smell,  sight and taste. Life can get quiet challenging when we don´t see, hear or taste things  properly. But zinc is important for many other things too like having healthy skin and hair  (who doesn´t want to

Free Radical Chain Reaccions In Unsaturated Fats

Unsaturated fat that has being refined and processed has lost its natural antioxidants. That means that when some heat, oxygen or light hits it, free radicals start to develop. And the way they go is in an exponential chain reaction. In this short video, I explain how this happens. I don´t want you to get

What Are Free Radicals And How Antioxidants Fight ´Em

We hear bad things about Free Radicals, our invisible anarchists, but even if they are bad in big crouds, we actually need them in controlled amounts. We naturally produce free radicals in order to change skin, build muscle, digest food and every other natural bodily oxidative process. We even produce free radicals when we think