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Jesse J. Jacoby sent me a copy of his book “The Raw Cure” and this is the review I´ve made about it. I think it covers many important topics. I already have videos and posts about many things he talks about, so if you are interested in what I talk about, you will find this

The Health Gladiator Reloaded!

Hi readers! I´ve been receiving some emails with great ideas and I would love to get comments or emails from you too! First, I´m redesigning my blog (with the help of my great friend Ojitos[plastic artist, visual designer, web programmer]!) and I hope it will look much better for the beginning of next week! Second,

What Do The Krishnas Think About Proper Vegetarian Diet

This time, I had an interview with Guru Maharaj, Srila Paramadvaiti Swami, founder and leader of the Hare Krishna Vrinda mision( I like the Hare Krishnas and their lifestyle and even if I disagree with them on certain things and I want to lead a controversial blog, I know that I´ll gain nothing arguing about

Aris Latham, Father Of Gourmet Ethical Raw Food!

This time, I had Aris Latham ( )as a guest. He is considered the father of gourmet ethical raw food in the Americas by the Oxford Encyclopedia. We brought him to Lima to hold a master class in gourmet raw food at Arbol de la Vida, the Peruvian Tree of Life. I asked him questions

It Starts!!!

I wanted to start my blog with an amazing and extreme hike, and I did, but because blogging is new to me, I didn´t think about the importance of a good memory card. So, as soon as I started filming, I run out of megabites. Except for the first video, every time I tried to