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Marketing Infant Formulas

For millions of years, humans (and their ancestors) have been breastfeeding. Only a few generations ago, did we start feeding formulas, for convenience. The amount of advertising that tells people how good and indispensable formulas are has got deeply into people´s heads. It´s a massive lie.  We have to wake up and say NO to

Is Bottled Water Better Than Tapped Water?

Water is one of the most important things we need to live. Unless we become breatharians, of course. We need many things to live, but we can survive on very few things, including polluted water. In the cities, we aren´t actually living, we are surviving. Surviving on polluted water, because unfortunately, both tap water and

7 Reasons Why We Are Naturally Vegan!

I just love Machu Picchu! I´ve had some of my life´s best experiences and adventure there. It´s a magical place words can´t describe. I was thinking about what the Inca´s diet looked like and decided to talk about why our body is naturally designed to be vegetarian. Looking at my hands and nails, my teeth,

Myths About Organic Foods

Most of us know eating organic is much better than eating non-organic food, but some people are using the word organic as a Marketing tool, so in this video, I talk about the different organic myths that have developed lately, just so you don´t get ripped off by the marketing gurus…