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Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

  Gluten is a protein sticky like glue, and proteins are like a wall of building blocks that our enzymes “clean” in order to separate each block. Celiac can´t digest this protein, because they can´t break down the wall into individual bricks. This protein gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley, both refined and

B12 Controversy

B12 is a very controversial topic that I was avoiding to talk about all this time. But a friend of mine asked me what I thought about her getting B12 shots because her blood-test shown B12 deficiency. To start with: B12 is a vitamin synthesized by microorganisms. Both vegans and meat eaters tend to have

Bet You Can´t Eat Just One!

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is part of an amino-acid, actually, it´s a salt (sodium), a simple or single salt atom (mono) that´s attached to an amino-acid (glutamate). Most people believe all amino-acids and electrolytes (sodium, for example) are essential for their health. So, why is it that health gurus look at MSG as if it was

The Multivitamin Scam

Multivitamins are nothing you need. You need to get your vitamins from natural sources. Any synthesized minerals and vitamins are just like plastic for us. Our bodies are organic and our cells only accept natural elements in order to keep healthy. Fruits, greens and other natural sources of vitamins come with a natural cocktail of

Vegan Junk Food

It doesn´t matter how hard you try to eat a healthy diet, if you keep buying processed food, you aren´t gonna make it. I believe a natural organic/wild raw vegan diet is the healthiest you can follow. Unfortunately, lots of people get “enlightened” and understand they have to follow a vegan diet, but they have

GMO´s Thriller Night

MONSANTO It´s surprising how many people still believe GMOs are harmless and actually more nutritious and environmentally friendly than non GMOs. But believe it or not, there are as many people in favor of GMOs as people against them. This is because of huge Marketing campaigns. GMO pushers promote their products misleading with lies that

Nutritional Facts, Inform Or Misinform?

Nutritional Facts aren´t really the most reliable source of information. Companies have to write them by law, but they have many tricks to fool the consumers. For example, the sugar content is divided into many different names so that it appears as the product doesn`t have as much sugar as it does. If you see

Soy Is Vegetarians Worst Enemy!

Today, soy is the topic. Too many vegetarians eat soy thinking that that´s the way to get protein if they aren´t eating animal products. Too bad! Soy is one of the worst things you can put into your body! Humans don´t digest soy unless it´s highly fermented, most soy in the world is GMO and

What is dairy???

We are tricked into thinking “milk is good for our bones” from a small age. Our parents think milk is good for our bones because of the huge Marketing campains dairy companies invest in. Back in the 50´s Marketing ads would say smoking cigarretes where good for your health and made you sexier. Even doctors

Why You Should Stop Eating Processed Stuff!

Today I talk about processed food and why it´s bad for you. I made a short video about addictive additives processed foods have. About the correlation between what you put into your body and your health.

Why Vitamins Are NO Good For YOU!!!

Lots of people who turn vegetarian or vegan get scared ´cause people start to question their diet, telling them they are gonna become deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. They get tricked into buying expensive supplements and the “natural” diet they thought they were getting into becomes an artificial cocktail of unnatural vitamins. Nature provides