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Make Your Own Shampoo, Naturally

Think about this: fifty years ago, the norm was to wash your hair with shampoo once a week. A hundred years ago, once a month. Today, people wash their hair every day or every other day. This is just crazy and unnecessary! If you use chemicals on your body, they´ll slowly ruin it. But if

Natural Hair Care

Do you often change shampoo brand because you feel it doesn´t get you where you want to? Can you say the shampoo you´ve chosen is a really good one? Practically all shampoos in the market (I don´t say all, because I haven´t tried them all, but I think I should have said all…) are made

Product Review: Sunscreens, Do they Protect You From The Sun?

Let´s start thinking about Nature. You know how much I look at Nature to find answers, Nature has all the answers! Do you see any animals with skin cancer (I mean natural animals, not pets fed with artificial diets)? Any animals using sunscreen lotion? What do you say about our ancestors? They spent lots of

12 Reasons Not To Use Deodorants!!!

12/12/12 Special I remember I didn´t use deodorant as a kid. I have always been the “natural mystic” kind of guy, so I didn´t use deo until I almost graduated from uni. I would ride my bike to uni, get to class, take of my shoes and grab a tuna sandwich. Between my armpit smell,

Natural Ways To Get Electrolytes!

Sports drinks are a scam! They consist mainly of polluted water with refined salt and sugar, baking soda, artificial colors and flavors. The quality of their electrolytes is as poor as that of a soft drink and in most cases, because of its high content of processed sugar, depletes your minerals rather than providing them!