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Benefits or Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

      Why should you even try an artificial sweetener? Do you really want to eat food created in a lab instead of in nature? It´s supposedly harmless, but it´s linked to diabetes and heart disease. Basically, people eat artificial sweeteners because they are overweight, or have a blood sugar problem or sugar addiction.

How Sugar Destroys Your Body and Mind

Sugar is also called lactose, galactose, maltose, dextrose, corn syrup, corn sugar, fructose, sucrose, glucose and the list goes on. Sugar is one of the worst legal and addictive drugs you can find. Some say consuming sugar is equivalent to consuming refined illegal drugs like cocaine! And sugar is actually one of the things humans

Best way to look young!

There´s so much to say about sugar! It´s actually one of the worsts poisonous legal drugs available in modern society. Sugar is as bad as cocaine, but that´s not the topic of today. Today I´ll mention why sugar actively ages you. You want to look young? Cut out processed sugar! That´s practically the message! Eat