How To Improve Male Fertility

male fertilityI feel like a very lucky man because I have two beautiful kids and luckily they were an easy job for me. But I have friends that try to become fathers, but can´t. In my case, when I cum, very little semen comes out, but I guess I must have a very good sperm count because I´ve nailed both my sons on the first attempt. So I´m sure it´s not about quantity, but about quality.

What this post is about, is about how you can improve your manly fertility. What you have to do to make your swimmers strong and fast as Michael Phelps.

First thing I´d recommend is taking care of your nutrition. Normally, the food you eat transforms into different things your body needs and produces, like semen. But most things you eat take about one to two months to transmute into semen. Except for coconuts. Coconuts become semen in only 24 hours. So, that´s a food you should include in your diet when you plan to become a dad. It´s oil is also a great lubricant and aphrodisiac for your partner´s pleasure.


Coconuts. Fresh coconuts, dry coconut, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil. Consume coconut products, they are some of the best foods for semen production.

Another awesome food for fertility is bee pollen. Basically, bee pollen is plant semen, flower sperm. It´s what plants produce to reproduce. Bees collect pollen from a wide range of flowers and in just one teaspoon full of bee pollen, you´ll be getting millions of flower sperms. That plant fertility is passed onto you when you eat it.

Another great superfood is maca. Maca is a root that grows higher than anything else. It grows in extreme conditions, which makes maca a great “adaptogen”. It has to adapt to survive intense colds, storms, heat and sunlight. And that adaptability is also passed onto you when you eat it. That means if you are infertile, you will adapt into becoming a fertile man. But besides that it enhances libido, makes you “harder” and steps up your performance.

A root very similar to maca is ginseng, which is also a great complement for your fertility diet.

Other things you should try are foods rich in folates and zinc, which protect your semen. Leafy greens like spinach for example.

Natural fiber is another must to avoid constipation, which doesn´t allow a proper blood flow to your testicles.

Omega 3 fats and natural antioxidants are also vital to protect your sperms!


What you should avoid are refined sugars, flours, rice and other processed carbs (as well as artificial sweeteners!). Any white powder will steal your healthy nutrients from you, including your highly priced semen. Same goes with saturated animal fats and unsaturated, refined, vegetable oils. They affect your hormones and enzymes and lowers your sex drive as bad as alcohol and cigarettes do.

You should also avoid un-organic produce. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals in your food and garden can damage your fertility. Same goes for other chemicals you might use, including shampoos, toothpastes, lotions and sprays, especially insect repellents.

Soy products is something to avoid as well. I don´t promote soya consumption (except for highly fermented products). But, especially if you want to enhance your ferlitily, avoid them because they convert into estrogen, which neutralizes the testosterone you are looking for.

Try getting a heavy metal detox as well. Heavy metals are all around us, so try minimizing your exposure to those contaminants. (Read this article about heavy metal intoxication). Even carbon from newspapers affect your sperm count!


But besides improving your diet, it´s also important not to have unprotected sex until you find your kids future mom. STDs can damage the cells that produce sperms and even block their way out


***Avoid using tight pants and underwear. Loosen up your belt and start wearing boxers or loose underpants. Keeping it tight keeps the temperature elevated and that makes it more difficult for your body to produce a good sperm count. Having your cell phone in your pocket or your laptop on your lap, also rises your temperature, so change those habits. The same goes if you sit many hours a day. Either driving, commuting or sitting in front of your desk or couch keeps it hot down there and that reduces sperm count. Stand up or squat!

You should also work out on a regular basis. But don´t overwork your body. That could be counterproductive for your reproductive purposes.

Finally, there are rumors that I can´t confirm, that say that women can develop sperm antibodies if they receive too many ejaculations when they aren´t trying to get pregnant (if they are on the pill or during menstruation). So you should try the coitus interuptus while you are practicing until the big day arrives.

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