Improve Your Circulation Naturally



If your circulation isn´t circulating at a proper pace, you´ll be feeling tired and worn out. That´s because your cells won´t be getting all the oxygen they need and that could be the beginning of other health problems.

Basically, circulation relates to how your blood is flowing inside your body. This is very important because your hormones, nutrients and oxygen reaches your cells and organs thanks to the effectiveness of your blood circulation. And the CO2 you exhale gets to your lungs through your blood as well.

Your body´s PH and temperature also depends on a healthy circulation system.

  1. My first tip on improving circulation is having a healthy diet. Lots of greens and fruit (especially citric fruits) will help alkalinize your blood and that in turn will improve your circulation. Some (but not too much) spicy spices like cayenne pepper, garlic and chilly will help too. And getting some superfoods will make things even better (especially dark chocolates and foods rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3).
  2. My second tip is as important as the first one and it´s even easier once you get used to it. Hot and cold showers. You can start by finishing your daily hot showers with a cold couple of minutes. Later on, you could switch many times between hot and cold. Same goes with saunas and hot/thermal springs (get into the cold showers many times and always finish with cold!).
  3. Dry Skin brushing. Get a natural fiber brush and brush your skin towards your heart (without water and excluding your face) – don´t brush too hard! Besides skin brushing, regular massages are great to improve circulation.
  4. Relax and stretch your muscles (maybe it´s time to try some Yoga and getting to bed early!). A good night sleep is crucial to improve your circulation!
  5. Drink plenty of water and green tea!

Now watch this video about how to improve your circulation and share it!

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