Induced Nutritional Deficit

deficit nutritional

Legal drugs are used in most families. The whole family takes them: kids, teens, adults.
Pills for headaches, digestion, colds, blood pressure. Anti-depresives, anti-inflamatories, anti-reflux, contraceptives, antibiotics, sleeping pills, pain killers, multivitamins

Certain people avoid taking antibiotics because they know they aren´t good for us. The main concerns is about probiotics and digestion. But the problem isn´t just with antibiotics, any of these drugs combined with poor diets with white rice, refined sugar, dairy, fried food and gluten, induce us into a nutritional deficit.

But even if you follow a healthy diet, if you use these drugs, you´ll end up with a nutritional deficit.

People think that because these drugs are legal, they are safer than illegal drugs. But the truth is they can be much more dangerous than their illegal pairs.

But that´s not all. The drug abuse causes addiction and their effects multiply, affecting even our immune system and metabolism. Many of these medications also interfere with your absorption and use of nutrients.


Here´s just a selection of legal drugs and their effects on our health and nutrition:

  1. Contraceptives: they reduce your vitamin and mineral levels. Especially B complex, C vitamin, magnesium and zinc levels.
  2. Multivitamins/Synthetic Vitamins: They reduce your nutrient absorption
  3. Anti-depressives: Makes depression chronic so you over-snack on junk-food.
  4. Antibiotics: Makes your whole natural immune system week. Kills probiotics and depletes you from minerals like zinc, magnesium and calcium.
  5. Pain Killers like opiates (methadone, oxycodone, codeine, morphine) are highly addictive and cause constipation and drowsiness. But even “safer” pain killers like Tylenol, Aspirine numbs your nervous system so your nutrition gets out of balance
  6. Sleeping pills like Ambien and Lunesta: highly addictive and will develop chronic insomnia with sleepwalking hunger and amnesia (you´ll eat things during the night and won´t remember). Barbiturates like phenobarbital, seconal and Benzodiazepines like Xanax and valium are also sedatives for anxiety and sleeping. They are even more addictive and generate eating disorders and nutritional imbalances.
  7. Amphetamines for ADHD affects your heart and cardiovascular system, so your blood can´t carry efficiently the nutrients to different parts of your body.
  8. Blood Pressure pills (like atenolol): robs melatonin and Coenzyme Q10.
  9. Ciprofloxacin (for infections): Depletes you from minerals and kills probiotics
  10. Cough medicine with codein: is an addictive opiate that combine with alcohol can even kill you
  11. Aluminum Antacids/for heartburn (Mylanta, Zantac, maalox, gavicson): Interferes with nutrient absorption of B12 and folate, amongst other nutrients.


Huge health problems arise from taking “harmless” legal “medicine”. The worst thing is that the general public trusts that the health system cares about them, when taking any of these drugs makes any simple health challenge a huge problem.

If you take a pill when you have a headache, next time you get a headache, it will hurt more and you won´t stand it until you take your pill. Each time, your headaches will get worst and you will have to double your dose for the rest of your life.

Taking pills weakens your immune system and makes you dependent. Eventually, you´ll have to take stronger drugs and other drugs to take care of the side effects of the main drug…


So what should you do?

  1. If your addiction or dependency is too strong, start by cutting down the dose. Cut it down weekly until you get strong enough to live without it.
  2. Start practicing meditation, yoga and spend more time outdoors, especially in natural environments
  3. Find out what natural foods, plants and herbs, teas or maybe some homeopathic drops can help you unhook
  4. Eat the nutrients that the drug you take depletes. For example, if you take contraceptives, get foods rich in B and C vitamins, magnesium and zinc


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3 Responses to Induced Nutritional Deficit

  1. Jerry Miller says:

    I’m inclined to believe refined any substance is less healthy than natural substances and therefore should be avoided if possible. Did not realize white rice would be on that list, but have not eaten much rice at all in my 78 years of ingesting food. Will continue to avoid refined foods.

  2. Tom says:

    Good point to consider. Too often we fail to consider the longterm nutritional effects OTC and prescription drugs have on our nutrient absorption and baseline blood levels of essential vitamins and minerals.

  3. sue jobson says:

    people couldn’t be bothered to seek out alternatives when otc drugs are so easy. My son can’t tolerate antibiotics. He had pneumonia so something was absolutely necessary but the antibiotics make him feel sick and then he stops eating altogether. Most people will find it hard to believe that onion juice can do just as good a job. Some scoff so much they can’t be bothered to try it – but then you do have to steam the onion and press out the juice and make it fresh again each second day. Too much trouble ? probably…..

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