Keeping Your Nervous Sytem Healthy

nervous sytem


It´s funny how we use clichés like “it´s all in your mind” or we hear Yoga practitioners talk about Yoga being a practice that stretches and frees our mind (but we always see Yoga practitioners striking a pose that apparently only stretches their muscles).


Yoga stretches actually stretch two things: our muscles and our mind. But how do they stretch our mind? Because they stretch our nervous system. Our nervous system is an integrated web that connects every little part of our body centralizing all conscious and subconscious information in our brain and spine.

We could all be much more flexible if we could manage to relax our nervous system. Your mind is not just in your brain, it covers all your body and that´s why your body reacts quicker than your thoughts when a heat or pain reflex gets activated.

It´s your mind that doesn’t want to leave it´s comfort zone that doesn´t let you sit still for hours with crossed legs.

Note that I am referring to the same thing when I say mind or nervous system. Your nervous system is your mind and it keeps you bounded to emotional stress and heavy mood swings when it “breaks down”.

We all want to feel at ease and be relaxed and unaffected by our daily stress. But, most people live with a stress overload that turn into unwanted reactions that affect them and the people that surround them.


Massages are great for relaxing, but normally, people get back into their self-destructive lifestyles too soon for the soothing effects of the massage to have a lasting effect.

Our nervous system refers to our neurons ability to communicate messages and when it gets out of balance, everything starts going wrong inside our bodies.

What we need to do is to detox our body from chemical pollutants and heavy metals. Basically, it means you should stop consuming processed food and non-organic products (but don´t fall for the processed/packaged organic products, they aren´t fresh and natural!).

You also need to improve your diet with healthy fats, natural foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, like fruit and greens. Brown rice (instead of the refined white), sweet potatoes, bananas, cacao, seeds, nuts and filtered water (free from toxic elements found in regular water).


Learn how to prepare GABA rice here!


Practice yoga for stretching and calming your nerves and stop using anti-depressants and other legal (and illegal) chemical drugs.

Spend time in nature and get away from computers and smartphones that steal your energy.


It´s actually all in your mind…


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