Marketing Infant Formulas

formulaFor millions of years, humans (and their ancestors) have been breastfeeding. Only a few generations ago, did we start feeding formulas, for convenience.
The amount of advertising that tells people how good and indispensable formulas are has got deeply into people´s heads. It´s a massive lie.  We have to wake up and say NO to the abusing liers with Marketing degrees that try to convince us to feed our babies poison.


The evil formula industry has convinced most people to think the only thing that will guarantee their child´s nutrition is a “good” formula.

I don´t even want to start comparing breast-milk with infant formula. Healthy natural fresh whole milk vs. refined sugar, starch, synthetized nutrients and GMO soy or whey + some other poisons?


This post is more a renegade post against the legal mass deceivers called Marketing professionals. How far are they allowed to go?


They can convince us to use things we don´t need, to eat things that aren´t food, but to destroy our babies health? How dare them?!
Infant formula almost as good as mother´s milk? That´s almost like saying Coca Cola is almost as good as mother´s milk.

Infant or baby formulas contain petroleum derivates, synthetized vitamins and minerals, aspartame, GMOs, MSG, plastic melanin, cupric sulfate (found in fungicide, pesticides and herbicides that mutate somatic cells), refined salt and more…

And we haven´t even started thinking about all the harmful things we can find in the water we mix the formula with…

These formulas don´t help our babies to develop antibodies and come without the enzymes that mom´s milk carries. That makes formulas full of calories that aren´t properly digested and give you overweight kids with different health problems.

It´s not that breastfeeding is healthier, it is healthy. Formulas aren´t less healthy, they aren´t healthy at all. And we also have the matter of the relationship that builds up between a mom and her baby…


Just to mention some of the risk of feeding your baby formula vs. breastfeeding:

  • Lower intelligence
  • Ear infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Chronic diseases
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes

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