Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

  Gluten is a protein sticky like glue, and proteins are like a wall of building blocks that our enzymes “clean” in order to separate each block. Celiac can´t digest this protein, because they can´t break down the wall into individual bricks. This protein gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley, both refined and

Heavy Metal Intoxication

  When we think about heavy metal intoxication, we normally imagine chemtrails and pollution from mining activities. But, actually, heavy metals come into our bodies on a daily basis. We find them in the water we wash, brush and shower with, even in bottled water. In the air we breathe that carries heavy metals from

Naturally Healing Umbilical Hernia

My sister is in her 30’s and is probably carrying her less-than-one-year-old baby right now. My sis is short and her baby is a big Swedish boy, so it’s kind of hard for her. But what I’m concern about is her hernia. I recently found out she suffers from a big umbilical (abdominal) hernia. What

The Truth About Chlorella

This is not a post about what chlorella is. It´s an extensive online research about how chlorella sellers tell us so many different things about chlorella that it´s practically impossible to know which chlorella is the best one. I´ve researched about the country where chlorella is produced, the different strains of chlorella, the way chorella´s

Vegan Vitamin D & Calcium

Our body is a complex machine that works mixing a huge number of nutrients and processes in a highly intelligent way. In order for our bodies to work in optimal ways, we need different nutrients in very specific amounts. We don´t want to have too little or too much of anything we consume. Not even

B12 Controversy

B12 is a very controversial topic that I was avoiding to talk about all this time. But a friend of mine asked me what I thought about her getting B12 shots because her blood-test shown B12 deficiency. To start with: B12 is a vitamin synthesized by microorganisms. Both vegans and meat eaters tend to have

Urine Therapy, The Practice of Drinking your own Pee

Some people hear about urine therapy and think it´s just about applying pee on to wounds, cuts, fungus and other external skin issues. It does involve that, but also, the drinking of your own pee. Say what? Millions of people start their day by drinking a glass of pee. But why, you might say. Urine

Make Your Own Shampoo, Naturally

Think about this: fifty years ago, the norm was to wash your hair with shampoo once a week. A hundred years ago, once a month. Today, people wash their hair every day or every other day. This is just crazy and unnecessary! If you use chemicals on your body, they´ll slowly ruin it. But if

Natural Hair Care

Do you often change shampoo brand because you feel it doesn´t get you where you want to? Can you say the shampoo you´ve chosen is a really good one? Practically all shampoos in the market (I don´t say all, because I haven´t tried them all, but I think I should have said all…) are made

How to Detox the Lymphatic System

According to Dr. Samuel West, autor of the book The Golden Seven Plus One, the primary obstruction in people´s bodies is protein trapped in the intercellular fluid (between cells). His discovery is that if blood proteins can´t be removed from around the cell by the lymphatic system, the person could die within hours. A detox

10 Ways to Detoxify your Body

Have you thought about going through a detox? Most people would never even consider the thought of commit to a detox. Why suffer like that in the first place? We should enjoy life´s pleasures and eat all the junk we crave, smoke every cigarette we want and drink as much as we can. Life´s too