The Truth About Chlorella

This is not a post about what chlorella is. It´s an extensive online research about how chlorella sellers tell us so many different things about chlorella that it´s practically impossible to know which chlorella is the best one.

I´ve researched about the country where chlorella is produced, the different strains of chlorella, the way chorella´s cell walls are opened to access its nutrients and a couple of other things.

It´s a long report, but it´s honest because I´m not trying to sell you anything.


I´m actually trying to decide what chlorella I should buy. But, just in case you don´t know chlorella:

– Chlorella is a high-protein freshwater micro-alga that was one of the first lifeforms on earth.
– It has the highest chlorophyll content amongst all plants known.
– Chlorella attracts and captures heavy metals, bacteria and radiation, so it´s one of the world´s top detoxifying agents.
– Chlorella is the fastest growing organism on earth. Growing four times its size each day. That´s called the Chrolella Growth Factor (CGF). This sustains our immune system, makes our probiotics grow in our guts and it might increase longevity.
– Chlorella is also a great source of complete protein (about 60%) and it has many other nutrients and antioxidants.


There are many different chlorella sources in the market and they all claim to be the best kind. But how can we know who is telling the truth and who´s just trying to sell their products?

We have basically organic certified and non-certified, broken cell wall and thin cell wall, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Indian, Indoor and outdoor… says chlorella products can vary significantly. For example, it can contain from 7% to 88% protein.


According to Dr. Mercola who sells Organic Broken Cell Chlorella

  • His chlorella is Certified Organic and harvest from pristine waters in Hainan Island
  • Hainan Island is an ecological paradise in Southern China
  • Chlorella is indigestible by humans, unless it´s cell walls are broken.
  • The process they use to brake chlorella`s cell walls is a milling process that eliminates light and heat to preserve nutrients.

Ellen Landauer at where Dr. Klinghardt´s brand BioPure is sold, states:

  • Chlorella can´t grow wild if it´s going to be clean. Can´t grow in “pristine” waters
  • Two kinds: Vulgaris (easier to digest) and Pyrenoidosa (binds heavy metals more effectively). If a brand doesn´t state which kind it is, they are hiding something.
  • The higher digestibility, the lower binding capacity and vice versa.
  • There are different methods to “crack” the cell walls. The seller should provide information about what process they use.
  • She says never to buy “broken cell wall” chlorella because it means it´s been ground up cheaply so it oxidates and molds.
  • Dr. Klinghardt´s brand states that sound waves are used to delicately crack the cell walls. And that this is the most advanced method that leaves the nutrient rich inside undisturbed.
  • She says that most chlorella is toxic and that Japanese Chlorella could be contaminated
  • Sunlight is essential for growing the best chlorella and that chlorella grown indoors has no binding capacity

It´s clear that she refers to Mercola´s brand as a bad deal for many reasons (the same reasons why her product would be the best). She doesn´t say where her chlorella is from.


According to Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” from and the, who promotes the brands Clean Chlorella (grown indoors in Korea) and Clean Chlorella SL (grown outdoors in Taiwan):

  • Chlorella from China is the most contaminated
  • Organic Chinese Chlorella is more contaminated than non-organic chlorella from other countries. Certified Organic doesn´t mean “free from contamination”
  • Taiwan has the cleanest, but most expensive, chlorella
  • Some companies cut their chlorella with fillers like calcium carbonate
  • Taiwan and Korea have better quality than China and Japan
  • We shouldn´t worry about radiation in Japan, we should worry about metals and synthetic chemicals
  • Digestibility is more important than broken cells (referring to the thin cell walls Korean chlorella has because it´s grown indoors).

Strangely, he has an article about nutritional supplements where he recommends Swanson Vitamin´s Japanese chlorella. But it´s something he wrote back in 2005, maybe before he chose the brand he sells now (Mike, if you read this, I recommend you edit that post).


There are many other sites that say Chinesse chlorella is the worst kind. It´s not easy to know if that applies to all chlorella from China or if it refers directly to Dr. Mercola´s brand. I also don´t know if these statements are true or if they are based on personal reasons against the popular doctor.


Anyways, at a different kind of chlorella is promoted: Yaeyama. But not a specific brand. They recommend five different brands, including Sun-Chlorella, Kyoto-Chlorella (83% digestibility) and Mercola´s as the fifth one. They also recommend:

  • Broken cell walls to ensure you absorb nutrients
  • Japanese chlorella because of their strict governmental standards
  • Package that prevents light from reaching the chlorella


A new question arises: What is Yaeyama? And why is Mercola´s chlorella referred to as a Japanesse Yaeyama?


There are sites like that claim to sell “Mercola´s Chinesse Yaeyama” (They also call it “Hawaiian”).


At a forum in someone explains that “Mercola´s Yaeyama”:

  • Is a subspecies of the Vulgaris kind.
  • Belongs to the largest Japanese grower
  • Grows in Southern Japan in pure mountain water
  • It´s cell walls are broken by high impact jet spray-drying that pulverizes the wall

Obviously, they are talking about Yaeyama, but not about Mercola´s chlorella.


My question is to Dr. Mercola:

Do you sell both Chinese Hainan and Japanese Yaeyama? If you only sell the one from Hainan: are you aware of other people claiming to sell your Yaeyama? Or have you maybe managed to grow a Chinese Yaeyama?


As far as I know, there´s no Chinese Yaeyama as there´s no Japanese Hainan.


But, how could we know if Hainan island really is the organic and wild ecological paradise that Mercola wants us to believe? Wikipedia says a lot about Hainan, but nothing about sustainable agriculture. What it does say is that Hainan is very polluted and that it has an underwater radioactive weapon station.


So if I had to choose between Chinese and Japanese chlorella, I´d have to choose Japanese. But, what about radiation from Fukoshima?

Apparently, the islands where chlorella is grown are far away from Fukoshima.


According to and many other sites, Japanese Chlorella is not contaminated by radiation and the islands where it´s grown are much closer to Taiwan than to mainland Japan.



But even if I´d have to choose a Japanese chlorella, how can I know which one really works? There seems to be both Vulgaris and Pyrenoidosa strains in Japan. Which one is the best one? Honestly, I have no idea. Everybody sells different chlorella and they all say their chlorella is the purest and best one in the world. sells a Japanese Vulgaris kind called Chlorenergy and claims:

  • To be the brand most researched
  • To have Japan´s Nr.1 digestibility rate from Japan is referred to in many forums as the best kind, but they don´t give much info about their product, except that it´s a Pyrenoidosa strain.

It´s actually at where we can read the “Sun Chlorella Difference”:

  • They say their Dyno-Mill technology is the only one that surpasses a 95% pulverization of chlorella
  • Other “broken wall chlorella” has shown to contain as little as 1% “broken” cells


These two brands sell two different kinds of chlorella: Vulgaris and Pyrenoidosa. The first one is more digestible, the second one has a better binding capacity for heavy metals and toxins. As I mentioned earlier, if it is more digestible, it has less binding properties and vice versa. I can´t increase the Vulgaris´s binding habilities, but, I can improve the Pyrenoidosa´s digestibility.


So, the question that arises is: What´s the best way to make chlorella more digestible? How should the cell walls be opened? Is it true what Sunchlorella claims about their “Dyno-Mill” process?


According to

  • Their exclusive Dyno-Mill method makes chlorella 95%-99% digestible.
  • Other methods fail and destroy much of the cell´s nutritional value
  • Other brands have “Broken Cell Walls”, “Cold Milling”, Cracked Open Cell Wall, Vacuum Pressure Differential”, “Sound-Wave Broken”, “Spray Dried”…


Bob McCauley at compares two methods for braking the cell walls: Pressure-Release vs. Dyno-Mill:

  • “Dyno-Mill completely crushes the wall and pulverizes its nutrients so the body can absorb its nutrients”.
  • “As the Chlorella cells passes through the specially designed Pressure-Release chamber they rupture, or crack open, due to the sudden and extreme changes in pressure”
  • Dyno-Mill was developed in the 70´s and is very effective, but old school technology
  • Pressure Release is a natural and organic, modern state of the art method that is as effective as the Dyno Mill but offers some advantages regarding the quality of chlorella´s final nutrients and digestibility
  • He recommends both methods, but prefer Pressure Release


At Yaeyama and Sun Chlorella (Pyrenoidosa) are compared.

  • Sun chlorella claims they have a patented method of pulverizing the cell walls (heat and chemical free) that achieves 95-99% of pulverization
  • Yaeyama spray-dries it.


According to there are many ways to make chlorella digestible, but most methods destroy chlorella´s nutrients:

  • The most popular method is milling or grinding. This pulverizes the chlorella cell and makes it easy to digest, but it smashes the cell open and exposes the unprotected nutrients (so they start to oxidize).
  • Another popular method is chemical bleaching where the chemicals damage the nutrients.
  • Heat-freezing: exposing chlorella to extreme heat and cold opens the cell walls, but damages most nutrients

They say these 3 methods make chlorella digestible, but damage the nutrients. So they promote a german method:

Unique Sound Vibration

This method cracks the cell walls without collapsing them. Like an egg shell with cracks. This way, the nutrients remain intact inside the cell walls. What this site says is that only their German pyrenoidosa product: King Chlorella uses this technology.

At we can read a very similar article, where they mention the milling/grinding, chemical bleaching and heat-freezing. They claim their product: Prime Chlorella uses the German sound vibrations.

So probably both the brands King and Prime come from the same German source.

What I want you to be sure about is that I´m not trying to sell you any kind of product. Most sites I link to tell you only what they want you to read so you buy their products. I don’t sell chlorella, so you won´t find a link to my store at the end of this post.

I´m just a consumer, just like you, trying to find the best possible product.


Let´s look at what we´ve researched so far:

  • Chinese chlorella is the most contaminated in the world
  • Japanese chlorella isn´t radioactive
  • There´s vulgaris and pyrenoidosa. Vulgaris is more digestible, pyrenoidosa has superior detoxifying properties
  • Yaeyama is a vulgaris subspecies from Japan
  • Chlorella´s cell walls protect their nutrients and needs to be opened somehow
  • There are different ways to open the cell walls, most of them either destroy the internal nutrients or don´t open the walls enough to make it digestible


Now, I want it to be clear that the information I´ve used for my research is what I´ve found online. I´m not sure who I should believe because everybody claims to have the best chlorella while they warn about other brands.


But basically, we´ve come down to choosing the best method for making chlorella digestible. If we don´t count chemical and extreme heat methods, we would have to choose between:

  • Dyno-Mill
  • Pressure-Release
  • Spray Drying and
  • Sound Vibration

I have a few doubts about the Dyno-Mill. This seems to be the most common method and Sunchlorella, one of the most respected brands, developed it and still uses it after 40 years. But, it seems as it just pulverizes the chlorella so all its nutrients get crash, exposed and start oxidizing.


According to The Naughty Nutritionist the Dyno-Mill process uses small glass beads spun together with the chlorella to ground it down. Unfortunately, chlorella can get contaminated from lead from the glass beads, especially if the glass breaks. This process destroys the cells membrane, chloroplast, mitochondria and nucleus. Chlorella´s shell life is also decreased by this method.

The Naughty Nutritionist promotes Pressure-Release: a chamber with sudden and extreme changes in pressure where nothing gets in contact with the chlorella. They also claim that this process reduces significantly oxidation and nutrient degradation.


About Spray Drying (some call it Jet-Spray), tells us they have observed the morphological changes under microscopes.

Spray dried resulted in spherical particles of thousands of chlorella cells with a hole in the center. They explain spray drying is done with hot gas (130-135ºC). If the heat or the time heated increased, the spherical form would collapse.


From this information, I would stay with either Pressure Release or Sound Vibration. I prefer chlorella not to oxidize or be heated at high temperatures.


I hope this post hasn´t turned out toooo extensive for you. I have actually been researching for weeks and it seemed very obscure at first, but now I´m starting to get a clearer picture of the chlorella I will decide to buy.

Basically, I´m choosing to believe that Chinese chlorella and any method besides Pressure Release and Sound Vibration are low quality products that I shouldn´t buy.


So, I want to take my study further and analyze chlorella from other parts of the world.

Korean and German chlorella are fermented in tanks and never sees the light of day. The producers and promoters of these kinds say this is the only way to ensure purity.

But, if chlorella never sees the sun, it doesn´t develop chlorophyll. And chlorophyll is exactly what chlorella is about.



• I´m going to buy one of each kind: A Vulgaris and a Pyrenoidosa.
• It will be grown outdoors in either Taiwan or Japan.
• Treated by either Pressure Release or Sound Vibration.

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  1. surfbox says:

    Thank you, all of your information was REALLY helpful – would you share your choice of chlorella?

  2. AJ says:

    Thank you for this fantastic, comprehensive review. You have saved me a great deal of work! It is extremely useful to many people, such as me, to have a good analysis of facts and information regarding supplements and other controversial health issues. I have subscribed and look forward to coming back to check out new posts.

    Thank you!

  3. madison lee says:

    So with what you’ve already researched, you think Yaeyama is the best/safest bet so far?

  4. Jim says:

    Very interested in the results of your exhaustive Chlorella search. Secondarily, do you find that consumer research companies like to be credible? Thanks.

  5. pramod says:

    Hai thanks for this detailed research and I am glad someone is interested to spot the best. I did my own research and was close to what you said, and finally I found your article and said enough.. its the most detailed research you can get. So i have closed in Organic Clean Chlorella SL and other as you said, you need both types.

    can you help me actually which brand did you select for your chlorella. I will buy that blidfolded. Please help me out..


  6. will keep you in mind as fair honest consise helpful..thanks

  7. Brenda Norman says:

    can you let me know what your findings were? this was an amazingly helpful article but I am still somewhat overwhelmed by the choices. waht did you finally decide worked best for you? brenda

  8. Malou says:

    Great and thorough analysis there, thank you – very helpful. Can I ask what brands you ended up picking?
    I used to stick to the German Algomed Chlorella (vulgaris), but now, I’ll try a combination of Organic Chlorella by Green Foods Corporation (vulgaris) and Life Time Thung Hai Chlorella (pyrenoidosa).

    Are they alright?

    Here are the links for further description

    Again, I’m curious as to what you ended up buying. Hope you’ll respond :)

  9. Ulises says:

    Please just let me know what and where to order what you purchased.

    Thank You

  10. Thomas Walker says:

    Your research is amazing in depth and determined curiosity!

    I had just discovered this webpage today after ordering 6 bottles from Mercola last night on their Labor Day special.
    I called them and got in touch with a person who was polite and very knowledgeable to answer all my questions especially those you raised.
    I was assured that the location near Hainan Island is isolated from the commercial pollution of the island.
    The specific key question I asked is about their own testing of heavy metal testing. They require extensive testing of their batches and have never had to recall any product or had any returned due to contamination.
    I believe Dr. Mercola has show himself to be very particular and conscientious in the products he puts his name behind, so for now I am going to stand by my current purchase of chlorella which is my second from Mercola and well pleased thus far.
    I am also open to new and revised information as it is substantiated.

  11. Dawn Murphy says:

    Please can you send me any names of Chlorella Brands that have been grown
    in Taiwan or Japan’s Island closest to Taiwan! And prepared for human absorption through sound vibration or pressure release produce!! Thank you I live in Broome, Western Australia… Where a variety of good produce is less!!!

  12. Earth Peace says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    I hope you will come to a firm conclusion after you have personally tried them.
    I look forward to your conclusion.
    Please keep us in the loop to your much appreciated efforts.

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    one question remains: where to buy?? i got lost frankly-
    i was looking for Taiwan or Japan grown, pyrenoidosa, sound vib or pressure release method- but could’nt find really/ most places doesnt even mention most of these details
    would appreciate if you mention few options as where to get proper chlorella
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  17. Diana Hartley says:


    Thank you very much for your report on Chlorella. I live in Germany and am also looking for an organic and clean product. That not being easy, I was very glad to read above report.
    Regarding the growing of chlorella in Germany, I just read a report from the company “Roquette Klötze GmbH & Co. KG”. This company grows their Chlorella in a green house in a glass pipe system which is 500 km long. Apparently enough sunlight is attained, and no tank is being used. Here is their link:

    You mentioned not being interested in selling your readers anything. I’d still be very interested in finding out which Chlorella you did buy and where.

    Thanks again for your report.

    Best regards
    D. H.

  18. Dr. Michael Ruiz says:

    Have you purchased the different products and tried them yet? If so, what were our conclusions? Did you do some type of toxicity testing before and after?
    Thank you,
    Dr. Ruiz

  19. Erik says:

    Hi, Great Report!

    Please let me know how to buy in Europe based on the report.

    I´m going to buy one of each kind: A Vulgaris and a Pyrenoidosa.
    • It will be grown outdoors in either Taiwan or Japan.
    • Treated by either Pressure Release or Sound Vibration.

    Thank you!

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  22. Ozzie says:

    After reading your blog. I am happy that you were determined to ask questions on Chlorella, and then take the time to display/share your research. Although I have nothing to add to your research, I would like for you to clarify something you wrote:

    “Korean and German chlorella are fermented in tanks and never sees the light of day. The producers and promoters of these kinds say this is the only way to ensure purity.

    But, if chlorella never sees the sun, it doesn´t develop chlorophyll. And chlorophyll is exactly what chlorella is about.”

    Is that last sentence starting with “but” necessary for this, otherwise, superb blog?

    For persons to show interest in reading this blog to the end, I would presume them to know about photosynthesis, sunshine, chlorophyll production and such. Nevertheless, although the Korean and German chlorella never sees the sun, is it not then another presumption for Chlorella to be green that they used an artificial sun (eg. light bulbs, fluorescent, etc.)?

    Based on how well written your article is, are you further questioning the quality of Chlorella grown in direct sunlight vs. artificial light conditions?

    Science would say that sunlight is more intense and equally distributed across the light spectrum, compared to artificial light which does not emit as much energy, especially in the red and blue region of the light spectrum. However, Botany tells us that blue light is essential for plant growth and development, while red light promotes flowering.

    You mention:

    “Ellen Landauer at where Dr. Klinghardt´s brand BioPure is sold, states:

    Chlorella can´t grow wild if it´s going to be clean. Can´t grow in “pristine” waters.”

    Given that “wild” implies through sun method, the question is does the sun add something more to Chlorella that artificial lighting does not? Which quality artificial light source is necessary for Chlorella (eg. blue, red, green, …)?

    Yes, that last questions opens a whole new world of questions.

  23. chris says:

    Try Organic Traditions Chlorella (Pyrenoidosa), I’ve tried a few, this one is the best and most cost effective.

  24. Katie Eldh says:

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    Hi and congratulations for your reshearch,
    The answers you are looking for (as I do!) ask a lot of time and money.
    But I hope you will find it!
    Chlorella is a second chance for some of us.
    I do take chlorella (vulgaris, non-open cell) for metal detox (mercure).
    I am waiting for analysis results to see how chlorella work on me,
    but still I can see and feel that it works well.
    As you, i really wonder if i should take open cell or non-open cell chlorella…
    I wonder too if I benefit from the growth factor with non-open cell chlorella.
    Here in France we mostly find non-open cell chlorella (organic).
    Well anyway good luck and please let us know the results of your reshearchs.
    Kind regards,
    36 yo
    Paris, France

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    Thank you for the very detailed info about Chlorella. I am very interested in obtaining some, but as you have pointed out, it’s very hard to pickmthe best brand. The two types of manufacture that have impresed you , also have grabbed my attention. Question is where could a person buy these ? Also in a future blog, if you havn’t already done one , could you give us an opinion of what you think of EDTA Oral chelation therapy. I recently recieved an extensive artical by or from the National Institute of health, extoling the virtue of Advanced EDTA Mega Plus. I realy want to try this also, because of my diagnosis of Intermitant Claudication, in my lower legs. Thanks for your informed interest in safeguarding us uninitiated. Best Regards, Murray.

  30. hector says:

    Which brand you think is the best?

  31. Amy says:

    This is great information! I have been wondering the same things about chlorella. I have been taking Sunfood chlorella for a while now and before that I was taking the kind from the Health Ranger. Both are from Taiwan and both are grown outdoors in tanks that get sun. Sunfood states that the chlorella is gently dried after harvest, then the cell walls are broken using a unique, chemical-free centrifuge process. Afterwords, the chlorella powder is stamped into tablets without the use of binders, fillers, or additives. I asked about the centrifuge process and got this response, It is simply a centrifuge used to separate the Chlorella from the water it is grown in and to burst the cell walls. No chemicals are used in that process.
    I asked: Does is use steam, heat, vibration or pressure?
    Response: None of the above. But, pressure as in G-Forces for lack of a better term are a constituent of a centrifugal process. The centrifuge spins at a high rate of speed and allows gravity to do the work in terms of separation, filtration, etc…
    I asked: Are the nutrients exposed after that process?
    Response: Yes, bursting the cell walls is necessary for mature Chlorella if we wish to gain access to the nutrient content. The centrifuge is the best way to do this without exposing the chlorella to excess heat.
    I asked: I have read where oxidation can happen when the walls are broken in certain ways, like when its pulverized in a mill. When its pressure released, a chamber with sudden and extreme changes in pressure where nothing gets in contact with the chlorella. They also claim that this process reduces significantly oxidation and nutrient degradation. Do you think that the process Sunfood is doing is like the pressure release way?
    Response: No the centrifuge process is the best way to burst the cell walls because it is so benign. It allows for maximum nutrition content to be obtained as the Chlorella is dried at low temperature immediately after the centrifuge processing.

    Thanks for posting your information!

  32. AnYES Narciso says:

    Thank you for this wonderful research! Any further comments after purchasing both V
    ulgaris and Pyrenoidosa?

  33. Debbie says:


    I found your article very helpful and a time saver in researching. Thank you for writing it. You wrote this article in June, 2013. It is now October, 2013. Did you find a good source (high quality and reasonably priced) to purchase from? Have you used the products you chose since then and are you pleased?

    Thank you for your help!


  34. Anthony says:

    Dear Health Gladiator,

    Having just read your above article, I would like to say thank you for sharing such an extensive review of Chlorella.

    I’d myself come to the conclusion that Taiwanese Chlorella, grown in sunlight and sonically ‘cracked’, would be the way to go.

    You certainly gave some interesting info there, thanks again.


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    Thanks for all your hard work!! I’m very confused as to which to take and your article has helped me a lot. I follow Mercola and usually trust what he claims, but my gut and common sense aren’t so sure. I was leaning toward Taiwan chlorella before reading your artle and, now, after reading it, I feel better about that choice. But, like you implied, it’s a gamble…we just have no way of proving any of the claims…not without a bunch of bucks. Thanks again for taking the time to do the comparisons.

  38. Marlin says:

    hey, this is great stuff! I’ve wondered the same too. How did your experiment go?

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    Thanks for your research. I am more informed I(I think???) Still not sure what to buy. I read Mike Adams before yours and was leaning toward Taiwan or Korea but now ….. Have also heard with Spirulina is best from Hawaii but some from China grown offshore is similar as same ocean, sort of. What will you buy or are you still researching? Bill

  40. Stephane says:

    Hi, i’m searching for the best chlorella quality to. Like you i’m not sure which one is the best,but did you go on the site and (this are french sites)The chlorella is cultivate in glass house and use the sun like any other one, With pure water.

    Chinese don’t make good quality and the pollution is the higer one on the globe, don’t have to do a study for this, every one know’s that.

    Japanese make a lot of good stuff, big quality and a high laws standard
    But, there is a but at the moment from the water, i know that media say that there is no problem with water, but i really don’t trust media.

    Broken cell is a process that can destroy all good nutriment, despite either process and the manipulation i think that can alter the quality.

    Therefore, i choose indoors chlorella (echlorial)and the powder one because it’s less expansive.

    Thank you for ur research, thats make my choice more clearly, i realy appreciate.

    good luck and have a nice day

    • Stephane,
      Having a background in radiation and formally certified in the USA for radiation detection with a Geiger Counter, I wanted to give the facts that the governments and media continue to keep hidden since 3/11 and the nuclear explosions in Japan. Currently the Northern Pacific is totally poluted with radiation. This includes the water along the coast from Hawaii to China, Korea, Alaska, Canada, and the US Pacific border to lower Calf. The land on all coastal areas is contaminated with high levels of radiation going inland at least 200 miles. Inland water sources are also contaminated from the isotoypes in the air which go into the land after a rain. Going below the equator for food, water etc is best for buying fish, meat veg. etc. Re Germany I would ok it at this point if there is no company below the equator. South America and the Southern Atlantic Coast are my favorite areas for the least amount of radiation for food sources. My best, Carolyn (You may e-mail me for further questions on radiation. Please put in your first nname, then chorella and radiation in subject so that I will open it. I will e-mail you some good sites to keep up on radiation.

  41. Rita Cramer says:

    Thank you for your information. I’ve taken sun Chlorella for about 5 years and I either would like to stop with intaking the tablets or to try a different chlorella product. Please could you tell me, which product you’ve chosen after your research.
    Thanks for your response
    kind regards
    Rita Cramer

  42. Robin Maynard says:

    Thanks for this extensive study. Now, if only the various brands would tell us exactly where its from and how it was processed.

  43. Olivia says:

    Thank you for all of the information you have provided. I too have just recently started researching chlorella and have been at a loss of where to purchase seeing as Monsanto and other NWO giants have infiltrated a lot of the organic and raw food industry. It’s been disheartening, and confusing. I look forward to keeping watch if you come across any new information.

    Thank you !


  44. Paul S says:

    I have been buying both Chlorella and Spirulina for several months and have seen significant health benefits.

    I am am concerned however about the subjectiveness surrounding the various factors as you have discussed (Indoors / Outdoors, Japan, China, Taiwan?, How are the cells walls broken?).

    I personally believe that it doesn’t really matter which process is used, in which country etc but what should matter the most is whether or not company has tested each type for purity, protein, Mercury, Aluminium, digestibility etc and have a certificate of analysis showing the test results which have been approved by a recognised laboratory in the UK or America. They should have each batch tested (the lot number on your bag / pot, not each sample) and should be part of an organisation that would come around their site to inspect their premises and mark them for different parameters and give them a licence to sell.

    I believe that they should have their walls broken down, have mains waters annually tested for heavy metals etc and have their water filtered. They should also have removable glass on top of each tank so that they can access the sunlight but not be contaminated by rainwater.

    Given that you are spending a lot of money for a product that removes toxins from the body, you don’t want want to be putting more toxins into your body than there is being taken out!.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you on your views as I am also holding back on buying my next product until I find a suitable seller that can tick all the required boxes.

    Kind Regards


  45. Alena says:

    I am from the Czech republic and I am very happy because I can eat Green Ways chlorella Pyrenoidosa ( official page) and I investigated what is best and according to tests Green Ways chlorella is best. It is from Thaiwan. This company is in the Czech Republic, they work with Thaiwan because they have much SUN light and best technology to make this chlorella, Green Ways has only 2 products (barley and chlorella) and they really take care about the top quality. It has many tests done. This chlorella is very dark green, it is one of the sign of good quality, also it taste like nuts, some chlorellas smell like fish and that is bad. do not buy chlorella with added vitamins or other stuff, chlorella is best when it is PURE, it has already its complex of all needed nutritions.

  46. Guershom. says:

    Me encanta tu sitio esta muy interesante, ademas todos los temas que tienes están muy buenos para mejorar nuestra calidad de vida!
    he visto muchos Vídeos tuyos y realmente toda la información es muy interesante! me gustaría saber si cabe la posibilidad de cultivarla de forma hogareña para tenerla mas fresca ,también he visto tu vídeo de como extraer jugo de los brotes de trigo muy bueno!desde ya te quedo muy agradecido querido Pedro ,un abrazo y te deseo un 2014 lleno de :SALUD AMOR PAZ Y MUCHÍSIMA FELICIDAD para ti y tus seres queridos,

    Un abrazo de Luz y Amor desde Uruguay!

    Cariños Guershom.

  47. Stig Levin says:

    I have been working for 25 years and still am, with Chlorella pyrenoidosa from a Taiwan company, having knowledge of this kind since at least 60 years.

    I have also written a book about chlorella, based on scientific research during the years back as well as today.

    I have using and eating my chlorella powder (two tea spoons a day) since all these years.

    I am today 79 years old and never sick, never tired and feeling as a young boy every day although I sometimes have to lecture late in the evening for therapists after a day of work. I introduced seriously chlorella pyrenoidosa to the swedish market during the 1990s and have been working with therapists, homeopaths and consumers since i started.
    For every supply of chlorella from the supplier, I look at the analysis which I have asked for and which should be followed by every supply of nutrition today.

    I will eat my chlorella as long as I live and every day as I need nutrition and to be detoxified from all the toxins around me.

    Stig Levin

  48. aerobic1 says:

    Great post, Pedro. You have asked many of the questions I have wondered about for years regarding chlorella. I have severe levels of mercury and lead toxicity and would hate to throw gasoline on the fire with a contaminated chlorella or a type that has no ability to bind with heavy metals.

    If I may ask, what did you buy and what effects did you experience from each? Were you able to determine which was the “best” and by what method were you able to determine that?

  49. Lotus Ai says:

    wow! Thank you! Infinite gratitude for the research you have done for all of us!
    It gives me a better direction about where to get my chlorella.
    Would you please let me know which brand of chlorella you decided to get after all the research?

    Thank you for your help. So greatly appreciated


  50. Joelle says:

    I appreciate how much time and research that went into this article. I would like to be totally honest and say that there is no way that I would be comfortable consuming anything from Japan. Your article mentions that they are so strict about their growing conditions yet they cannot even make a serious attempt at cleaning up Fukushima? Their inept government lets a utility company poison the entire Northern Hemisphere yet their supplements are pristine?

    Sorry to be a buzzkill, I just cannot justify anything Japanese.

  51. Jennifer says:

    Wow, what extensive research! thank you for sharing!

    What did you end up buying, and did you notice a difference between those you bought? From the article, it would seem beneficial to buy one of the Vulgaris and one of the Pyrenoidosa, for nutrition and detoxification.

    Thanks again!

  52. Legal Highs says:

    It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of information.
    I am happy that you simply shared this useful info with us.

    Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  53. Rosanne says:


    I have been using Sun Chlorella for several years now but just learned that it contains lead.
    On its package hidden to the bottom and no where near the ingredients, it reads in red:

    “WARNING:This product contains lead, a chemical known to the state of california to cause
    birth defects and other reproductive harm.”

    I was shocked. This warning area is red, and the package is made up the colors red, green, and light blue, so it was easily missed. It is hidden on the bottom of the package. It is written on a thin strip of red in a small font. Who looks there? No one. Everyone looks at the ingredients section.

    I now know to examine every inch of product before purchasing it with a magnifying glass.
    I am serious.

    I am very disappointed in Sun Chlorella. While the package focuses on the State of California exclusively, the truth is that the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry’s states “It is important to prevent all lead exposures.”

    It continues:
    “Lead serves no useful purpose in the human body, but its presence in the body can lead to toxic effects, regardless of exposure pathway. Lead toxicity can affect every organ system. Lack of overt symptoms does not mean “no lead poisoning. The lowest level at which lead has an adverse effect on the kidney remains unknown. ”

    I shared this information with my colleagues. One of them wrote to Sun Chlorella immediately.
    I want everyone to know Sun Chlorella contains lead. If Chlorella is used to remove heavy
    metals why would they include lead? Why would they hide the warning. Why did not indicate
    in the ingredients section that it contains lead? Deception. Profit. Greed. I must now look
    for something to detox my body from years of lead using Chlorella. No wonder I had been
    experiencing some bloating in recent years. When the kidneys are not working well this happens.
    And now I also know that lead can affect the kidneys.

    In terms of Dr. Mercola’s brand, last year when I read it comes from China, I felt given the information I have read about China’s toxicity in Environmental studies, there is no way
    I would count his brand as the best. Can you trust anyone among these
    heath gurus?

    In terms of Mike Adams, it was his book about Spirulina and Chlorella, that lead to me
    using it. He cured himself of a diabetes. I do not have this illness but his book showed
    the benefits of taking it, including cancer prevention.

    The reason I began using the Sun Chlorella brand is because all the links
    in Mike Adam’s ebook were broken, the companies and brands he recommended either were
    broken or no longer existed so I decided to research a good brand.
    I now have to remove their brand from any recommendations I made online,
    and otherwise.

    I agree with you that in the past, Mike Adams, has trashed certain brands of Chlorella.
    But he is no longer the “health ranger” at least not in the context that we thought of
    him. He is now a brand. He has over 8 million or so people visiting his website.
    Other people now write content for his website, with that said, anything is plausible.

    Sun Chlorella appeared to be the best brand. Now I have learned it contains lead.
    I am very hurt by his revelation. I will make sure every human being I come into
    contact with knows this, in the U.S., and around the world.

    One voice can drum up ten thousand more.

  54. michelle nicole says:

    Im in the same boat. could you please help me wih finding the right one? thank you so so much!

  55. Maria says:

    Very interesting article! Totally confused after researching which one to buy. Still not sure but your research did help a lot! Looking forward to an update on which one you liked best after trying them.

  56. Cowmarc says:

    Have comments to your article been posted somewhere? I appreciate the indepth study you did on chlorella. Have you had the same results from both the Vulgarisms and Pyrenoidosa? Which brand did you go with? Thanks.

  57. jack says:

    hey so which chlorella did you end up buying? i am thinking of getting the clean clorella SL (sunlight)

  58. Carrie Crosby says:

    I would be interested in knowing which one you chose and stuck with. I’m looking at another strain by It is Cryptomonadales Chlorella…different from Vulgaris or Pyrenoidosa. Do you have any experience or comments about this product? It comes from Taiwan. I don’t know how they do it but it is soft shelled and has a digestibility rate of 95%. Website states it is never processed above 140 degrees F. I’m not sure if it is exposed to sun or not. I have questions into the company to get answers. Thank you for your time. I’m suffering with heavy metal poisoning and am looking for a good strain of chlorella along with cilantro.

  59. Carrie Crosby says:

    I would be interested in knowing which one you chose and stuck with. I’m looking at another strain by It is Cryptomonadales Chlorella…different from Vulgaris or Pyrenoidosa. Do you have any experience or comments about this product? It comes from Taiwan. I don’t know how they do it but it is soft shelled and has a digestibility rate of 95%. Website states it is never processed above 140 degrees F. I’m not sure if it is exposed to sun or not. I have questions into the company to get answers. Thank you for your time. I’m suffering with heavy metal poisoning and am looking for a good strain of chlorella along with cilantro.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate but i kept getting an error

  60. trish says:

    Trying to research chlorella and all the choices, when I came upon your terrific research! Which brand did you finally settle on and what is your opinion of it? Thanks!

  61. Tabitha says:

    Hi, i read ur review on chlorella and was wondering which brand u ended up getting? Im having a hard time finding a product that is grown in sunlight, sound broken cell and found on japan or taiwan? Lemme know if u have :) THX

  62. susan inglis says:

    hello, thank you for your most helpful article about chlorella which i read with great interest. i wonder if you found a reputable brand which met the standard you were looking for and wish to share your discovery. i have been looking to find chlorella with the highest nutritional content based on the treatment process and where is was grown but without success. there are many scientific articles but none appear to state which product they used for their research. i would very much appreciate to learn of the outcome of your search. very many thanks, susan

  63. Robbie says:

    Great research! You did exactly what I was about to do. I am looking for information on the Kyoto Chlorella from Swanson’s Vitamins because I bought some 2 months ago and after receiving it realized I did not know where in Japan there pristine ponds were located and how these outdoor ponds were affected, if at all, by the Fuku Fallout. It sounded awesome and I was able to buy 3000 tabs for $36 (buy one box of 1500 and get one free) but I am having trouble finding information about fallout,strains and there “advanced processing technique” for breaking open the cells walls.

    Thank you for publishing your information. It is truly helpful in navigating thru this jungle of mass information.

  64. Robbie says:

    I just remembered… those radioactive waters have already reached our West Coasts (2013). I think it stands to reason that those islands south of Japan and all the rest of those waters in, around and neighboring China, Korea, and Taiwan were contaminated by the end of that Fukushima Dai-ichi year (2011). And let us not forget that plant has continued to leak and is still leaking.

    I have kept half an ear to the ground on the global effects of Fuku… we don’t even begin to realize what we have lost and are continuing to lose daily. God bless us all… I think I will look into wheat and barley grasses again.

  65. lee ann says:

    so what should I buy any idea yet

  66. Jennifer says:

    Very extensive research. How did your test fare? I just recently started taking Chlorella and have enjoyed the benefits. Was thinking about recommending it to others since the reactor blew again. Will check out your site incase you already posted your findings.


  67. Daniel Phillips says:

    So any updates on what brands you found? Still having trouble finding the right brand for me. I will post if I find anything note worthy.

  68. Ajay says:

    I am finding myself at the same position as you once were – also doing the same research. You already did, however.

    I currently have ‘high quality’ China Chlorella bought via a dutch ‘superfood’ concern. I am unsure of it’s quality.

    Before that i used 1000mq chlorella via ‘NowFoods’.

    Have you further tested this wonder-algae and would you like to share your findings?

    Kind Regards,

  69. Connie says:

    Who are you and what are your qualifications to make the above statements. I a vary interested in this broken cell chlorella and I purchased a bottle from Swanson but it says “best used by 12/11. Should I throw it out?
    Thanks for your research and answer

  70. luisa says:

    hi, could you please tell me the brand that you bought at the end? I would like to buy some.

  71. Herbal highs says:

    I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog
    that’s both equally educative and engaging, and without a doubt,
    you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is an issue that not enough folks are speaking
    intelligently about. I’m very happy that I stumbled across this during my hunt for something relating to

  72. ABW says:

    I’m curious to know which brand you decided on. I used to take Sun Chlorella A when I was in college, but it was a costly supplement and I could no longer afford it at that time. I remember my nails grew very long and strong as a result. Years later I stumbled upon it in Whole Foods. I bought a box, but it was making me sick. Maybe it was a bad batch. I returned it for a refund.

    I’d love to start taking it again, but the radiation issue is concern for me although their site claims that the product isn’t contaminated. If there is a better brand, I’d like to try it.

  73. Jerry Miller says:

    Until I read your blog I was deciding based on price. Swanson’s Kyoto Chlorella offered 1500 of the 500mg tabs for #36. That is 2.4 cents a tab. Puritan’s Pride offers Chinese tabs (500mg)at 300 for $16.50. That would be 5.5 cents a tab. OK, based on your blog and my own preference for Kyoto I’d forget about Puritan’s Pride. I purchased Sun Chlorella’s starter kit a year ago and never signed up for additional product. Don’t like their ‘lock you in to automatic refills’ business model. Thanks for what you’ve done so for, I will look forward to studying Korean and German variations.

  74. Jerry Miller says:

    Earlier today I compared Swanson’s Kyoto brand to Puritan Pride’s Chinese brand — in price. It nagged me that the discrepancy was so large and I’ve gone back and looked at my calculations. I had assumed the Kyoto was 500mg, but noooooo. It was 5 tabs of the Kyoto makes 1 gram — therefore each tab is 200mg. So my 2.4 cents price per tab should have been 6 cents per tab. Sorry. So far, though, I’ll pay 6 cents for the Kyoto rather than the almost same priced Chinese. It’s a complicated market possibly purposefully obfuscating comparisons by the vendors.

  75. Mark Benasutti says:

    I understand that you don’t want to recommend a brand of chlorella in your article, but after hours of research I am still having trouble making a decision. Would you be willing to share with me a brand that you trust…it would be most appreciated.

  76. Anahata says:

    SO, what BRANDS meet that criteria. I know you are not selling Chlorella, but I don’t want to spend hours looking for the brands that meet this criteria. Help me out–my kid has Lyme and I have 100 other supplements to research. :o) Thank you for posting this information, for taking the time to research chlorella and for your generous spirit.
    Anahata Little LMP
    Seattle, WA

  77. Yajeeca says:

    Thank you. I found your research to be very informative as it outlined some of what I had also researched about chlorella since I started taking it about 2 years ago. ut now I’m still not sure which is the best chlorella to buy in the marekt and how much is a fair price?

    Have your narrowed down your purchases of chlorella brands. Which brand do you now believe is the best brand and where is it grown?

    I looked up Hainan Island where Now Foods supposedly source their chlorella from and it looks like an island with special deregulations and tax breaks for foreign investors and somehow it makes me suspect the chlorella form there. lthough Now Foods is the brand I have been taking regularly and have not had any problems.

    Did you ever get any responses from Mike Adams and Dr.Mercola nd the others you mentioned in your article?

    Thank you so much!

    In wellness and awareness,

  78. YOLANDA says:

    Hola.I read that the brand Sun Chlorella “A” is the best. They say their crops are in Taiwan and is therefore free of radioactive contamination, but I also read an article that said that in August last year (very recently) there has been a spill of radioactive water in a plant in Taiwan. So I do not know where to buy this alga. Do you know if this brand is still safe despite this news?. Thanks and regards…

  79. YOLANDA says:

    Hi! I read that the brand Sun Chlorella “A” is the best. They say their crops are in Taiwan and is therefore free of radioactive contamination, but I also read an article that said that in August last year (very recently) there has been a spill of radioactive water in a plant in Taiwan. So I do not know where to buy this alga. Do you know if this brand is still safe despite this news?. Thanks and regards…

  80. Frank says:

    Any update to your final report on what Chlorella to purchase. I have been using NOW brand organic powder and based on recent information including yours, its origin is China and now questioning if I should reorder or switch to a different brand. Thanks

  81. Nancy Huston says:

    Thank you for your report. Was going to buy some chlorella but had similar questions to yours.

    Somewhere at the beginning of my search I stumbled on one that is made in Oregon. Have you found that?
    It may be on either:
    Unfortunately now I can’t find it.

    Chlorella is made in Germany in only one place: Klötze/Altmark and they apparently use the glass tubes for production. Wikipedia in German says that the health benefits of chlorella have been questioned by health authorities as overmarketed bcs the nutrients it contains are in such small quantities.

    Regarding Asia or anywhere outdoors I wonder if I’m doing myself a favor if the chlorella is polluted.

    If I were to choose one I would probably pick the German one, but if it is produced without sun (that doesn’t even make any sense?), then what is it for?

    Maybe I’ll just stick to probiotics for the time being.

    Let me know if your research yields anything more, that was helpful.

    Best regards,
    Frankfurt, Germany

  82. bea says:

    You are a genius. I’ve been researching pretty hardcore for a few days now and it’s been exhausting. You just put all of my research into this awesome report making it much easier to compare! Thank you!

  83. rakhibalwani says:


    can you please recommend a brand made in Taiwan. Treated by either Pressure Release or Sound Vibration apart from brand Clean Chlorella.

  84. Diane L. Smith says:

    thank you so much for all this info. we really, really appreciate your research and the sharing of it.

  85. Chilli says:

    I’m impressed and very curious – which brand did u go for at the end?

  86. rene zepeda says:

    hey thank you for your review and the investigation. i read you review and i decided to buy a chlorella that was radio waved treated and grown in outdoor water filtered area covered during rain to prevent contamination. i have no idea what brand to by from would be able to recommend a good one please I’m also interested in spiraling. thank you for your time any response is for my personal decision on purchasing the cleanest product for my health. please respond when you have some time your opinion would speed up my choice in purchase .

  87. robin says:

    my question is, did you find the best chlorella yet and if so what brand? please e-mail me and let me know as I am on a hunt for mine.. I am doing the sun chlorella right now, it seems to be helping me some.. but I want the best also, like you… I read your whole report, it was great! thanks for your time! :)

  88. Bret says:

    Thank you for taking the time to prepare this article. I just don’t trust these companies and have a hard time deciding which is a scam or inferior product.
    I also would like to try both types since I feel both absorption and detox are equally important.
    Have you done any research about using both types together?
    I would love to know what product you decided to go with, if that’s ok.

    Thanks again,

  89. Vanessa Herring says:

    Thank You for this detailed report.

    I would be very interested to know where you have purchased your final decision of chlorella from – both kinds, and if you have had any noticeable effects from either.

    There is a brand – Synergy Natural –

    this link will go to the page that has info of where it is grown and how etc. – I am just about to read through as inspired by your article ( I remembered it form some time ago and thought I would take another look). Just thought I would share it with you – I am just a consumer no other involvement and looking for the best option for my personal use as you.

    Thanks again I am encouraged to see what other information you share now.

    Have a great day



  90. Twinkle says:

    Very nice, thanks for the research. I was looking into Chlorella Fella, think theirs comes from Taiwan. After reading your piece, I too prefer the Sound method. Thanks

  91. Amy says:

    Thank you SO much for this. You rock! You saved me hours of research as I knew nothing about chlorella, so wanted to research it before buying.

  92. Virginia says:

    Still curious about the thin wall and broken ?
    I am even more confused now and what to buy.
    My husband has Parkinson’s and I am trying to help remove the metals but also get all the benefits. Help !

  93. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article! It’s the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  94. J.C. Westin says:

    Thanks for doing so much in-depth research on Chlorella. I really enjoyed your well-written, and very informative article!

  95. bookmarked!!, I like your blog!

    my web page

  96. heather rathke says:

    What brand of you recommend for spirulina and chlorella?

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    Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article.
    I wish to read even more things about it!

  99. patrina hudson says:

    So what type of chlorella should I buy?

  100. Joe says:

    Awesome article! Very happy to have found it, thank you! Do you mind sharing what product you ended up choosing… I’ve been taking the Mike Adams’ “Clean Chlorella” but I’m becoming disillusioned with him and I’m not necessarily confident in that product anymore.

  101. stefania says:

    Hi pedro,great article which two did you decide to buy? and have you found them to be effective. Thank you

  102. Patrick says:

    Hi thanks for this extensive research which basicaaly saves me tons of time doing the research myself. Am also looking for a reliable brand for my mother. Based on your final report, are there any particular brands that uses these methods to cultivate? ie grown outdoors taiwan/Japan, A.Vulgaris/Pyrenoidosa and pressure sound/vibration

    Can express my appreciation enough for your research!

  103. david ljoljic says:

    informative, discriminating, truthful and without prejudice…… well done

  104. Dear Gladiator, you made a very interessant analyse about chlorelle. I would like to ask you what kind or brand of chlorella you still buy.

    Best regards


  105. Renate Behrbohm-Riedel says:

    thanks a lot for your work/research

    very helpful information

    all the best


  106. Claudia says:


    My name is Claudia and I am in search of chlorella, but as you mentioned there are sooo many contradicting facts out there which make it very difficult to actually know who is right and what I can believe in.

    I really enjoyed reading your article and wanted to thank you for making it more clear.

    I am German national living in Hawaii. Which Chlorella brand did you ended up buying?

    Aloha from Hawaii

  107. Debra says:

    I agree with your choices, but which brands would this leave us with at the end to try?

    Thank you

  108. Alejandro says:

    Hola, me llamo Alejandro, dado mi trabajo me he encontrado peligrosamente expuesto al mercurio…he encontrado el metodo de desintoxicación por clorela (Pyrenoidosa creo que es mejor) pero no se cual comprar agradecería si pudieras recomendarme alguna..Un saludo

  109. Claudia says:

    I love your post. Thank you for taking the time to break it down like this. It is frustrating reading so many different and contradicting articles. I was wondering which brand did you end up buying? Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance

  110. chinmaya says:

    Good information.
    Will u plz describe a good trustable brand of chlorella pyrenoidosa?

  111. Lorraine Scofield says:

    I’d like to thank you for this report. I have a friend who is interested in getting some Chlorella due to health problems, and I told her I would research it for her. I totally agree with your conclusions and will tell her of my findings when I am done. I will be sure to pass your site on to others, and I will add you to my Favorites list. Thanks again!

  112. Rachel says:

    How did it go? Which two did you buy? I’m going to use your recommendation – but I need to know the end of the story! Thank you for your well researched article, it has been very helpful.

  113. Ann Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing your research with us, please keep us posted on your further research materials. I too am wishing I know which Chlorella to buy as there are too many brands out there.

  114. Heidi says:

    This is a really helpful article – thank you for taking the time to research and write it!
    Even after reading the whole article I’m still pretty confused about which chlorella to buy.
    I’m thinking of getting this one to try pressure released:–400-Tablets.html
    Then I was looking at Biopure for the sound vibration one, but their chlorella seems overpriced to me. At watershed you get your 100 grams of Pyrensoidosa for $13 and at Biopure its $50. Did you find a sound vibration one that is not so expensive?
    I’m curious which brands you ended up trying and which one you feel is the best?

  115. monica says:

    Hi I read your resource and still pretty confused about which and where to buy. Can you please forward me the website and what you purchased. Also is Sun Chlorella (powder form) the same as Chlorella?


  116. Excellent article! We are linking to this particularly great post on our website. Keep up the good writing.

  117. Grace Taylor says:

    Can you please let me know which brands you decided to try and what your conclusions are after trying them? Thanks for sharing your research with us!

  118. quantumlove says:

    Thanks for looking into this. How did you get on with choosing a brand of chlorella? I would suggest researching how eating clay can bind toxic metals and detox the body.

  119. Peter says:

    So which brand do you actually buy?

  120. Kirsty P says:

    Wow, Lots of research (or at least just reading) has gone into this article. Thank you for publishing it.

    A year on, have you concluded anything? Tried any of them? Changed your mind about any of this?

  121. joe lambright says:

    Just read Your piece on sun cholerra,jeune13. Anyupdates?

  122. dj says:

    German chlorella is indeed cultivated indoor but in glass tubes where it is fully exposed to sun & light (see video below (sorry in french but images spesks for themselves).

  123. Donna says:

    Having had cancer…..I totally felt that Dr. Mercola Chlorella and Spirulina have helped me recover. Now, I am in real doubt as to the purity of both Mercola products that I have mentioned. I would be very interested in what you find with regard to your Vulgaris vs. Pyrenoidosa and which of the two countries produces the purest product, Taiwan or Japan. Thanks

  124. Teresa Stanlely says:

    Wow, a lot of good information. Thank you for posting it.

  125. sandra marshall says:

    Thanks for this great research. I’d be really interested to know which one you picked.

  126. Dear Sirs,

    We are interested in buy clhorella podwer in order to produce tablets in Spain. Could you recomended a productor of chlorella? I really need the productor of clhorella, I dont need a manufacturer of tablets.

    Cherching in internet I found a productor of Hainan called RFI. You know another one in Hainan or in Yaeyana?

    Your report is very interesting.

    Best regards,

  127. carol says:


    After trialing which source did you consider to be the best.

    Kind regards


  128. Kampie says:

    Good research ! Thanks for doing so and publishing it.
    May I ask what chlorella you finally chose?

  129. Kim says:

    Check out website:

    This is lab where they grow it in tubes in a greenhouse. Best of both worlds: no contamination but still natural light.

    Spent hours searching before I found this!

  130. jessie risk says:

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been driving myself bonkers trying to figure out which one is right! I, like you, have probably read every one of those sites before I purchased. I ended up going with Health Ranger Select –Organic Clean Chlorella SL. I have not started taking yet. I bought this one due to the fact that of the sun exposure. I wanted it for detox, esp heavy metals but now Im reading that maybe I should have bought the other one,as even on their website it says better for detox of heavy metals (the vulgaris one). This seems contrary to the other reports of Pyrenoidosa being better for detox. Also, on their own website they say you need sun if its grown indoors then there is no sun exposure. So Im confused on how they even sell it the indoor one. Ugggh. Anyway, my question is which one did you end up going with? And were you happy with the one you bought, ie…did you notice any health improvements? Or if you bought both strains, what were the outcomes.
    Thanks! And I look forward to hearing about your results.

  131. sultan says:


    This is very impressive and just have answered a lot of loop holes I needed to fill.

    You have done a fantastic job on the research and now I would like to find out who can supply a SV processed from Taiwan or Japan being a V or P chlorella

    If you have any extra leads on where I can order a box of the best of the above I now seek please feel free to contact me anytime .

    Would be highly appreciated and God bless You for the insight as I have sat on this for 3years running like a headless chicken. :)

    Keep well, hope to hear from you.


  132. Hester O Connor says:

    I like your comments and appreciate the work you have done. Where have you sourced your Chlorella and CGF? I have bought Chlorella 45%, Spirulina 45% and 10% CGF from NatureBuilt in the US. I would like to know where to go next for both Chlorella and CGF?

    many thanks

    Hester O Connor

  133. I do not drop a great deal of responses, but i did a few searching and wound up here The Truth About Chlorella | The Health Gladiator.
    And I actually do have a few questions for
    you if it’s allright. Could it be simply me or does it appear like a few of the
    comments look as if they are left by brain dead visitors?
    😛 And, if you are posting at additional online social sites, I’d like to
    follow everything fresh you have to post. Could you list of the complete urls of
    your shared sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter

  134. I took Dr.Bernard Jensen’s fasting program with his colemna board and Sun Chlorella is the one mentioned in the book Bowel Management and Tissue Cleansing. Because we fasted for 7 days at a time and continued to take the chlorella every day for year after the cleanse, I believe that is a good brand. I know it had a lot of protein because we were not hungry. I know it is a probiotic and can help with sugar side effects.
    Now I am taking Swanson’s Vitamins Kyoto Chlorella and I find it satisfactory
    My granddaughter had very thin hair as a baby and when I started giving her Sun Chlorella tabls to chew her hair grew in thick.

  135. Ivo says:

    Very interesting article – good starting point for finding the best Chlorella. The one controversial thing is the best geographical location. In that respect there is not much difference between Hainan and Taiwan. Legislation might be stricter in Taiwan, but both islands are similarly close to main land China and thus pollution is similar. Thoughts anyone?

  136. Madhavi says:

    Hello Gladiator,

    I so much appreciate your article. Actually, like you, I have spent hours online over chlorella’s methods of cell-wall breaking, growing in light or dark, purity, etc. I have been very concerned since the fukushima disaster and each time I need to re-order, it seems I have to spend hours researching again.

    Since 2011 I have purchased about 6kg. I consume a little each morning, like a heaping tsp. and am convinced it’s very helpful. But I’m still not sure if I’m really getting the best I can get. Did I misunderstand that the German method uses the sunless tanks. I personally don’t believe we can benefit without the sun. But the vibrational method of breaking the barrier really sounds like the best. Do you know of a product that uses sound and sun? I think I’m more drawn to the pyrenoidosa for it’s metal drawing action.

    Both of my (large) purchases so far have been through Ultimate Superfoods. I would buy a box of 12 250g foil vacum packs (powder). I believe it is from China, definitely grown in the sun, but can’t remember the method of breaking cell wall. I’m almost out of that now and looking to re-order.

    I just can’t praise your article enough, if I could give you an award I would! Are you aware of how much time you saved me by putting all of this vital, unbiased, information in one place? Thank you so much. I actually can’t believe that no one else has responded here.

    All the best to you,


    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Madhavi! All my research is in this article, but I have planned to research further, eventually. I´ll let you know if I find some reliable sun & sound chlorella out there!

      Good vibes!

  137. Vince Siebert says:

    Thanks for your researched article. I would love to use chlorella for its reported ability to remove heavy metals, but all the scam and confusion makes me leery for using any of the products. I wish that I could grow it in my own garden.
    Thanks again.

  138. Amber says:

    Wow!! That is a lot of research. Thank you so much for posting it. Can you recommend a brand of Chlorella? Along with many others who have commented, I am having a hard time finding a company that meets all the criteria for a good source.

  139. Leilani ML Wilson says:

    CORRECTION & CLARIFICATION ……..chlorella grown indoors is “fermented”. This needs correction, and IMO it is a gross misstatement in the case of chlorella grown indoors in Germany.

    The chlorella which is grown indoors in Germany and produced and marketed by the company, ALGOMED, is chlorella I have been ingesting for over three years. This German chlorella is grown in purified water, pumped at high speed, through glass tubing, indoors, in glass hot houses with glass roofs and glass walls, in Klotze/GERMANY. From the information available, as far as I know, there is no fermentation process in the preparation of their chlorella that is meant for dietary supplements.

    This company, ALGOMED, specializes in research that leads to products using algae. You can watch the method used by this company to grow its chlorella. There is a video on entitled, “Chlorella on Glass Tubes, Echlorial France = Algomed Germany”

    The video is narrated in the German language, but you can make perfect sense of it just by watching. You’ll also see in the video the comparison between growing chlorella indoors versus growing chlorella outdoors in open air outdoor ponds and tanks (the growing method used by the other chlorella manufacturers).

    Their chlorella is first “seeded” in petri dishes in clean laboratory conditions. Then the chlorella is put into the glass tube environment….in purified water that is continually moved through the glass tubing at high speed to maximize the exposure to sunlight of the maturing algae.

    I order my, Made In Germany, chlorella through Amazon from an American distributer, BodyBio, located in New Jersey. You can go to their website, to learn more.

    You can also order directly from the German manufacturer, Algomed. Their website is

    Yes, chlorella grown indoors in Germany by Algomed in this type of controlled environment is very expensive. However…as someone on this thread pointed out…why clean out heavy metals and other toxins in your body with a product that may be contaminated with environmental pollutants? Wouldn’t you just be adding to the problem?

    As mentioned in the article, the other country that has an indoor growing facility for chlorella is South Korea. I haven’t been able to find a video or detailed information about the facility there. So I don’t know whether that facility in South Korea uses a fermentation process.

    Good health and may you live long and prosper.

  140. Confused Sundial says:

    Thank you for your informative and seriously time saving article! It was very helpful to have all the information in one place and so easy to understand.

    However, it has now given me a new question. I’m iron and mercury toxic and I want to take chlorella to help detox mercury but don’t need any more iron. I’m concerned about the iron content as generally chlorella has a lot in it. Do you know if the indoor grown chlorella has less iron and if it would also be a good chelator?

    I was looking into activated charcoal but have just discovered they all have some heavy metals too, including iron. At least chlorella has nutrients so for me that may be the way to go.


    I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  141. Thinkinglink says:

    Excellent website. lots of great information here. Having been a long time chlorella consumer, I am a strong believer of this nutrient for daily intake. It’s unfortunate that Chlorella is not as well promoted/marketed as Spirulina or even Barley Grass which are more widely popular but not as beneficial as Chlorella.

    I would like to add, Sun Chlorella in Japan is supplied by Taiwan Chlorella, one of the biggest Chlorella manufacture/supplier in the world. They are indeed grown outdoors, but are in a strict, controlled environment. There is a 6 min documentary by the Discovery Channel about Taiwan Chlorella.

  142. Thinkinglink says:

    Correction: Taiwan Chlorella used to supply for Sun Chlorella Japan, but not anymore.

  143. Catherine says:

    Wow! Such a detailed research of great help! Thank you so much! I found Chlorella Pyrenoidosa from Taiwan, cell wall opened by pressure release and claiming to be pure and tested for heavy metals, radiation and bacteria. The brand is ‘Raw Power’. Did anyone try this please or has any feedback. It’s the best I’ve come across so far…. if it’s credible, that is…..

    Thanking you

    Peace and light


  144. Lory says:

    Thanks for your research.

    Here’s an article that you may find informative that I just found from Natural News….check out their findings……

    Organic Clean chlorella (SL) Sunlight


  145. chase kaczmarek says:

    I very rarely comment on blogs, however, I truly appreciate all the work you put in to deliver everyone an unbiased article. I would greatly appreciate it if you told me which product you ended up choosing and how has it worked?

    Thanks Again,

  146. Nancy says:

    Would live to know which product you ended up choosing.

  147. Johnson says:

    Why would you write an article like this that is supposed to help people decide on good brand of Chlorella, and then not suggest any brands??? Everyone here is pissed you haven’t responded, including me.

    • admin says:

      Hi James, My intention with the Chlorella post wan´t to piss people of. It´s just a simple research to clarify that a product with such great health benefits can actually be dangerous. I have already answered a bunch of people that I will not promote any brand. The reason for this is simple: it seems like everybody is lying to sell their commercial brand. There should be some good chlorella out there, but I really don´t know which one is the best. If you really want my recommendation: get some Spirulina from Ecuador…

  148. Arc Tan says:

    And one more comment regarding

    “The difference between Chlorella vulgaris and Chlorella pyrenoidosa”

    > according to the latest findings, there is no species “Chlorella pyrenoidosa”. Rather this is an outdated term under which species and strains of various algal groups were recorded.

  149. Silvia says:

    THANK YOU for selflessly sharing this INCREDIBLE amount of information without asking anything back. It’s already annoying enough when one has a conditions for which you are told you should “try chlorella”, but then to have to sift through all the fakes/liars on the market is precious time wasted instead of curing yourself.

    For everyone who is looking for a Chlorella that fits his description, I ran across this:

    I haven’t tried it yet but it seems to fit the criteria. This may be the one I try… Wish me luck!

  150. Carole Sotomayor says:

    Thank you for such detailed review and research. Apparently you and the other people who posted a comment are quite knowledgeable about this product. And I am just starting to learn about it and I am considering using chlorella and spirulina as well. Based on your knowledge and experience, would you kindly guide me to which brand should I use?

    Any advice is gladly welcome.

    Thank you!

  151. Kari says:

    Thank you for your information. Incredibly helpful!

  152. Nel says:

    Good article but u left all of us in the same spot..not knowing what brand to buy

  153. Maria says:

    Please let me know the exact brand that you recommend.

  154. Paul says:

    I saw a company in Germany that runs there water though a glass tube system within total glass green houses. so they are completely sealed but see a lot of sunlight. I think its quite expensive though. I’m wondering if all the claims of chlorella actually being good for you are true or not. I looked up what DR Weil had to say and he writes that “absolutely nothing has been proven and its all a big money scam at this point.” As much as I want to believe that Chlorella is a great as people claim, Unfortunately, I think everyone is just taken advantage of people to make money and don’t care whether its harmful or not. can someone prove me wrong? please do!

  155. Roger Bird says:

    Reading through all of that, I came to the conclusion that I was completely confused. How is it that chlorella is even marketed in the first place. If getting at the nutrients is so difficult, why would anyone bother, and if they didn’t bother to break open the cell walls, how could they know that the algae was so nutritious? If the algae were not nutritious, why is everyone raving about chlorella. It is a vicious circle. What if that cell walls issue is bogus or exaggerated? Where are the carefully designed studies that show that chlorella is useless if the cell walls are not breached.

  156. Emma says:

    Great research! Thanks for saving me a lot of time.

    I started disappearing down the rabbit hole when I started researching but you solved it for me.

  157. Jasper says:

    Thank for this online topic. It seems choosing the right chlorella brand is more complicated as it looks at first sight. My experience is that taking chlorella alone works better than a traditional whole food multivitamin and I have tried the most expensive brands. The German Algomed looks very interesting since it’s guaranteed free of any possible contamination. I have tried several brand chlorella varying from Now Foods, Health Force Nutritionals and Jarrow Formulas. (also see this link for almost any chlorella brand and customer review: Al brands gave me an instant smooth energy boost. The one of Jarrow formulas stood out the most.

  158. Angela says:

    •South Korea
    •Vulgaris type
    • Is grown indoors in tanks
    •Heat dried but doesn’t say how
    •Company is in some legal trouble over organic claims with no proof or verifcation

    I have taken several bottles if this product. It does seem to help. The only side effect I have had is frcarrying the aking too much. Too much would consist of an entire medium size bottleIbottle ( thDAY fcost between 30-40 dollars) with a few days. Taking an entire bottle within a few days feels like its too much for me. I have several health conditions and am not supposed to consume certain vitamins. I’m 100% certain is the natural iron and possibly other vitamins that it has that gives me avauge. feeling of having taken too much. Other than this I feel really good when talking it. I swear it has helped me detox and also grow new tissues for internal injuries.

    Caveats :

    1. It doesn’t say how it is dried except that it is dried by heat.

    2. An employee at Whole Foods or some other maiffnstream health food store told me that they had to stop carrying the entire line, product and brand because “HealthForce” was in some legal trouble (by I assume the FDA) for incorrectly claiming their product as Organic when it had no seal of approval or outside company authorizing their claims of being organic.

    There are other stores that still carry it, so I’m buying it. It is the Chlorella vulgaris type. I’d really like to find the other type that detoxes more. But this has been effective for me. I also have taken their detox clay called Vita force. There is no way to measure it but I seem to have good results from it.

  159. Angela Lol. says:

    •South Korea ( could be lying about this)
    •Vulgaris type
    • Is grown indoors in tanks
    •Heat dried but doesn’t say how
    •Company is in some legal trouble over organic claims with no proof or verification

    I have taken several bottles of this product. It does seem to help. The only side effect I have had is from taking too much. Too much would consist of an entire medium size bottle ( that cost between 30-40 dollars) within a few days. Taking an entire bottle within a few days feels like its too much for me. I have several health conditions and am not supposed to consume certain vitamins. I’m 100% certain it is the natural iron and possibly other vitamins that it has that gives me a vague feeling of having taken too much. Other than this, I feel really good when talking it. I swear it has helped me detox and also grow new tissues for internal injuries—just like they say it does.

    Caveats :

    1. It doesn’t say how it is dried except that it is dried by heat.

    2. An employee at Whole Foods or some other maistream health food store told me that they had to stop carrying the entire line, product and brand because “health force” was in some legal trouble (by I assume the FDA) for incorrectly claiming their product as organic when it had no seal of approval or any outside company authorizing their claims of being organic.

    There are other stores that still carry it, so I’m buying it. It is the Chlorella vulgaris type. I’d really like to find the other type that detoxes more. But this has been effective for me. I also have taken their detox clay called Vita force. There is no way to measure its effects but I seem to have good results from it. This type of clay is supposed to actually get rid of radiation. I’m not talking about this brand but the type of clay. There are many brands . And like chlorella , they all say their product is the best and their competitors are of inferior quality. So there could be better brands out there.

  160. Rose wallsten says:

    thanks a lot just now i want to go back to superfood again .. my blood pressure is high ,the research is helpful for me.. God Bless!!

  161. Nellie says:

    Hi guys,
    Chlorella pyrenoïdosa is re-named scientificaly to Chlorella sorokiniana.
    Spirulina is not an algae but a ciano bacteria.
    research has been done in Germany that states that some chlorella products out there aren’t even chlorella.

  162. Sheryl says:

    Even though you wrote this article over 2 years ago, it’s still very useful. All the varying opinions of the producers and promoters of chlorella shows that their opinions are for hire. But we still have to make sense of it somehow to come to a decision, and your article helped me to decide what I believe would be best for me. Thank you.

  163. mary ruinsma says:

    Please let me know which 2 kinds of chlorella did you purchase? I looked through all your Comments hoping to find an answer.

  164. mary ruinsma says:

    Did you include in your search powder chorella?

  165. Yvette Landrenau says:

    Wow! What an awesome amount of good research you put into this. Thanks so much for sharing!

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