Vaccines Dangers

vaccinationAll vaccines carry two risks: that they don´t work or that they´ll harm you. Vaccines have actually not been full scientifically evaluated and the Vaccination industry has been misinforming and lying to us because they makes money out of selling people vaccines.

It´s actually a billion dollar industry.

There´s no scientific evidence that demonstrate vaccines actually work and there´s no studies about the interactions between the different vaccines we get simultaneously

They base their sales strategy on fear. Telling you your baby could die if he doesn´t get vaccinated. This is not true, you actually put your baby´s health and life at risk every time he gets a vaccination shot. The misinformation is huge!

It sounds like a good idea to putt a small amount of a virus in your blood so your immune system can recognize it and it doesn´t hit you hard if you would get infected with the virus.

But, our immune system´s initial defenses start in our mouth and nose. So by injecting a virus into our blood stream, it surpasses our immune system´s first barriers (and they won´t recognize the virus if you inhale it or eat it).

Vaccines actually destroys our immunity, leaving us defenseless against our invisible enemies. They disrupt our natural defense mechanisms and their dangers overweight any potential benefits they claim to have.


swine flu

Remember the Swine Flu story? It was supposedly an uncontrollable epidemic outbreak and the whole world would get infected in a few weeks. Just like in the movies. Lots of people panic and went to get vaccinated. There weren´t enough vaccines for everybody so as soon as there were some available, people hurried to get it for themselves and their families. It almost became mandatory to get vaccinated.

It´s been years and even today, they try to convince misinformed people from poor countries to get the vaccine. The Vaccine Industry just wants to impose fear and take advantage of people´s ignorance to make them buy expensive placebos or potentially life threatening products.

Where is the swine flu pandemic now? Basically, when the flu comes back, the ones who got the vaccine will have to get a new vaccine because their immune systems are weaker now and they have more chances catching it!

This industry has so much power and controls information that they even got many schools to impose vaccinations! Don´t let them fool you into vaccinating your kid!

Vaccines can actually lead to permanent damage, especially from brain inflammation that can lead to immune system damage and even death.

They disrupt our nervous system and accumulates in fats like our brain. They can lead to asthma, autism, allergies, autoimmunity, epilepsy, learning disorders, cancer

Vaccines contain GMO´s, heavy metals (like mercury and aluminum), untested antibiotics, virus strains, amongst other things.

Watch this video about the Dangers of Vaccination:

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  1. Luis Delgado says:

    Es una lastima pero todo lo expuesto en este articulo es verdad, las vacunas son un negocio increible a nivel mundial. Las vacunas no son gratis, el Gobierno las paga con el dinero de nuestros impuestos, averiguemos primero antes de permitir que vacunen a nuestros hijos con cualquier cosa que les puede hacer daño. En Estados Unidos el Gobierno a pagado cientos de millones de dolares a miles de familias cuyos hijos han sido afectados por las vacunas. Porque en el Peru las vacunas son obligatorias?, nadie tiene el derecho de prohibir a un padre escojer lo mejor para sus hijos u obligarle a aceptar algo a lo cual el no esta de acuerdo. Informense, es su deber como padre.

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